Madden NFL '94: How Do You Football – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

Dan and Arin are playing what is possibly the greatest football game of all time.
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View: Madden NFL '94: How Do You Football – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

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42 bình luận trong “Madden NFL '94: How Do You Football – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

  1. Unrelated: I never understood it. I'll be the first to say, football and by extension football games never really interested me. But for 14 years they had Madden on the cover. Yeah, he was a coach and later commentator… possibly the most well-known. And yeah, it's his name. But… it's a fat old guy on the cover. For 14 years. Is that really a selling point? An old, fat guy?

    That's like Wolfgang Puck on the his brand of soap cans… you don't have a marketable face. Sorry, your food is fine but… I'm getting sidetracked.
    And I've had nearly half bottle of jack. Takin' me about half hour to write this.
    Yeah, I know, they've changed it and I know about the "Madden curse". But 14 years, guys?

  2. Instruction manuals existed for a reason up to the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 era of games. I hear tell that reading them sheds light on what all the buttons do, and certain important things, tips or game mechanics to remember and consider during gameplay. I just did a quick google search and like magic, I found a pdf of the instruction booklet and it gives a lot of information on understanding how to press buttons. More specifically, intentionally pressing buttons with a known and expected effect making it so the player actually is controlling the game, and not the game controlling the player.

    If two players decided they wanted to play a video game neither has played before but let's say in a half hour for whatever reason. Player A decides to chill and do whatever while Player B decides to gain information on how the game is played, doing research, reading the manual, etc. Even if player A was experienced in many different video games while player B was a more casual player, I'd be willing to bet that Player B would have the edge and far more likely be able to win over player A.

    Using John Madden NFL '94 as a base example. Neither Arin or Dan have any experience playing this game and they have to do a show. Even if the content is them figuring out the controls for 3 episodes, this is there career / job and wasting time researching and learning is strictly impossible under tight schedules and a demanding public audience. However, I would personally appreciate if at least occasionally, if both Dan and Arin skimmed the occasional instruction manual before playing games neither have played before. This would allow for more competitive gameplay rather than a comedy routine of mishmash antics and so called "bravado." I'm just saying once in awhile, please.

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