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LYTE Gaming COVID-19 Processing Time Video | How was it for us?


We made this video to give everyone some info on how COVID-19 has been for us, why some processing times are taking longer, and what you can expect going forward.

Hopefully this helps answer some of your questions!

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  1. Fraagz jtguns10 says

    do you guys ship to laogos nigeria africa

  2. Legendary3f says


  3. ShiftyonPC says

    and i got it

  4. ShiftyonPC says

    i waited a month

  5. oPlush says

    I'm still waiting but cant wait it's been a few weeks hopefully will come in soon

  6. Emily M says

    Can we get Ethan??

  7. Just Romo13 says

    I want to get the lyte nova but I’m not seeing any videos or pictures on, but the hyper pc has a lot more ratings and videos. Which should I buy?

  8. Capt COOKE says

    In two days It will be a full month since my order ??? but im holding strong ??

  9. Pestvic H1TMAN says

    Can’t wait to receive my LYTE hyper and since I been waiting for almost a week from now I hoping it comes ??

  10. Jmoney65 says

    You guys are amazing, its so nice to see that the production is going to speed up, honestly as long as the pc is what i ordered than its worth a month to wait for!

  11. TBG The1Guy says

    I just want to buy a pc from u guys already I’m just broke ??

  12. KSCROWE says

    I know that you may not see this but could you demonstrate the Lyte Carbon while playing Valorant

  13. Turkeygod says

    Can you add the 3300x as a option?

  14. Promo Man says

    When will you guys ship out of the US?

  15. snowwy-_0 says

    I really want to get the diamond pc but I don’t know how many hdmi ports it has so I can use two TVs and I want to know what streaming setting you have to use for the stream to look good

  16. softy is Olaf says

    Can you upgrade a Lyte hyper pc and wat would u do first?

  17. ZeCoN FN says

    I bought a lyte hyper PC on June 11 and just on June 24 it got built and has gone through the processing phase and is now being shipped and I estimated to come July 5 – 10 I'm very happy it's almost here

    I will be uploading lot of Fortnite on my channel with this PC to pursue my dream

  18. Fantaside says

    Bro I wish I had the money to buy one of your pc. My ps4 broke down like a month ago and I've been so bored

  19. Okmyu says

    So just ordered a pc from you guys on June26 and it was a lyte hyper pc core i5 how long will it take to get here

  20. Laz Nazario says

    I have a question I ordered the Lyte ultimate and it did not come with Windows 10 pro

  21. Trylex _ says

    I’m buying one of your pc I’m buying the carbon soon I love your guyses work all love thanks for working hard for us

  22. Daze says

    Is now a good time to order the lyte hyper or should I wait

  23. potmed says

    Hey do you know the FPS for Minecraft in high settings!

  24. GalaxyProductions says

    Gosh I haven’t even bought a PC from you guys yet and I already love your company, keep it up ?

  25. Smokey 21 says

    I ordered my PC on June 12 hope it comes before the second week of July I wanna game before I go back to School

  26. asafthedope yt says

    Theses pc's look cool I'm trying to save money to buy one hope I could be able to buy one

  27. shawn herron says

    what hrz monitor do y’all use in the fortnite vids

  28. South Texas Deathride says

    Eagerly anticipating mine as my current PC is a 7yr old HP with a failing power supply.

  29. Rhys Ooge says

    My Pc Said it will come from the 20-26 in June so do think it will come before the 1st cause I have to move soon and I need to know if I should change the delivery address

  30. Ali Alawie says

    Yo I have a quick question I wanna get the Lyte onyx pc but does it come with the stock cooler?

  31. Ishak Rai says

    Are you guys opening delivery to Canada?

  32. HektorQuest says

    This seems nearly Contradictive about the Carbon, wraith and some other shipping quickly. I ordered mine on June 5th and It hasn’t even been shipped yet

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