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Love Is Bind: Lauren and Cameron Talk Finale and Internet Sleuths (Exclusive)


ET spoke with Lauren and Cameron ahead of the ‘Love Is Blind’ finale episode, dropping on Netflix Feb. 27

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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  1. Mary Allen says

    My two favorite couple,loved you guys, continue being blessed..

  2. Willa Rudd says

    Love to keep up with them. They seem so real.

  3. Lexa Yardeena says

    Bro she's fucking gorgeous!!

  4. Mpho Sekoli says

    Cameron says he sometimes closes his eyes when talking to her so he doesn't get distracted by her beauty. Sigh! My heart can't take it ????

  5. emma nkirote says

    The way she say am right here.and he said i know,made me cry

  6. Lu Mar says

    Mi favorita pareja Lauren y Cameron son bellos respetuosos bien educados tienen clase

  7. Mari Va says

    The best couple ??? Lauren and Cameron forever?

  8. Leon Kennedy says

    Hey guys,
    Just found out that both your parents have the same name…."Bill/Pam" Speed and "Bill/Pam" Hamilton. Now that I is truly divine.
    Franny P.

  9. BeepBop Boop says

    From 1 – Cameron, rate your boyfriend.

  10. Abackpack 01 says

    I want a Cameron, too. ?

  11. Sadie Jay says

    Hottest couple award.

  12. Fatimah says

    If he ain’t like Cameron ION WANT HIM ? I’ve read too many romance novels and watched Love Is Blind too many damn times to settle for anything less ?

  13. BlankCanvas88 says

    The hard thing about this couple is that both of them are equally likable! One crowd says they love Cameron; another says they love Lauren and they don’t fight over it because they’re both right! Call it what you will, but I personally believe someone’s relative was praying earnestly for them bc this can only be a match made in heaven!

  14. Toni L. Hall says

    Be happy

  15. Deborah Johnson says

    Take note men !

  16. Yvonne Douglas says

    Very nice ? both of you blessings always ?❤️

  17. Lanie Light says

    I know many interracial couples. It's the love that counts.

  18. Lanie Light says

    Agreed; don't judge. The camera is pressssssuuuuurrrreee!

  19. Nthe Yellow says

    I love their love…just how he looks at her. He is not a slouch either…but I think somewhere inside every women wants a man to look at her as though there is no other women on the planet that they would even think about… I love their love

  20. Tigists Hope says

    I love how they love ❤️ each other!

  21. Jay West says

    Their relationship is the only one I cared about lol.

  22. Myl-da-afriCan says

    Love all around… xoxo

  23. Dee Price says

    So very beautiful. Great love it!!!

  24. Ndumi-Light says

    I'm ready for my Cameron!!! ??

  25. Tracy Rowe says

    They are a beautiful couple.

  26. Leota Murphy says

    There is a chemistry in your relationship that only comes to a few in a life time and that is Love .your Love is so strong it is felt in the air ways you really can thank God for this Blessing. You are Blessed, and your Children are already Blessed.

  27. Rémi dartus says

    mes préférés , je leur souhaite le meilleur pour la suite

  28. SueEllen Murray says

    Lauren u did good. Your husband is so attentive sweet and PASSIONATE go girl!! I FREAKING STAN

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