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Los Angeles Clippers vs Orlando Magic Scrimmage | NBA Restart


Los Angeles Clippers vs Orlando Magic Scrimmage | First Half | NBA Restart

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  1. Pardy says

    "terence on terence crime" wut

  2. Zwykły człowiek says

    Why tf theyre saying how the shirts look we can see that

  3. citizenof80 says

    The commentator did an outstanding job explaining the game with overwhelming details, that’s crazy.

  4. Mpoli Simpemba says

    The commentator was ? ? especially having to do it alone ??

  5. house2homeplus says

    We call for nba to close down and stop spread of virus

  6. Antonio Jr Escurel says

    The play commentator is so annoying I cannot concentrate on watching the game wtf

  7. Camari Wilson says

    When you go to 2k settings and turn announcer volume up

  8. Joshua Chen says

    Am I the only one who thinks the commentator is talking too much? I had to turn the volume down to finish watching the game…

  9. Flip Thomas says

    I’m a lifelong nba fan and Damn I thought I would be excited to watch basketball again..Tbh I don’t give a shit about basketball right now, too much going on in the world. ???‍♂️??

  10. original iphone xs for 1 usd tap my avatar says

    0:43 startling

  11. HighLife Rinaldi says

    I’m sure this is on the radio also

  12. God's Child, Jesus Lord says

    I love the comments. Keep it up NBA TV. We need that kind of content during these uncertain times.

  13. Dwight Smith says

    In the background this shit says clippers vs okc…? This is Orland and it say above it in smaller letters

  14. Kenneth Jacobs says

    You can tell this announcer is use to radio. He is describing EVERYTHING lol.

  15. As4me - says

    To see some Sports ?

  16. eric lucian says

    its called a PANDEMIC,, no vaccine yet, peoples is dying at high dosages,,,,and they playing in a hot spot,,,. yea clearly BLACK LIVES MATTER.!! maybe if the basketball player had an education it could rely on or maybe a hobby that makes money they wouldnt be risking they lives for there NBA owner….sir yes sir ma'sa ima play good 2nite

  17. King Cousi says

    Why are there so many fouls being called

  18. hotsauce 420 says

    bruh this crowd and stuff deadass look like a wnba match

  19. Gamertag says

    Honestly, I didn't even realized how much the commentator was talking until i read the comments. I think he did alright.

  20. ForTheMeme Lol says

    I'd rather have no commentator and just listen to the players

  21. Nico says

    Dude stop talking like a freaking machine! Relax

  22. Howard Wayne says

    The commentator is executing this like he's calling a game on the radio!!!!????

  23. sing sing says

    This commentator is a legend! No need to breathe between the words!

  24. Che says

    This guys really telling about the players braiding there hair!! bro shut the f up!

  25. Danny Green says

    Commentator is non-stop! Makes me nervous

  26. MJ S says

    When youre a horse racing commentor and got hired by the NBA..

    I miss Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy, Mark Jackson, Mark Jones, Hubie Brown

  27. Tristan San roque says

    No shotclock in the score line ???

  28. Tristan San roque says

    The commentator is too fast and confusing

  29. Byron Duncan says

    They should add sound like they do in the premier league games

  30. Azka Ante27 says

    i think this commentator gets paid for every word he says

  31. heardi says

    Pg was carrying my clippers

  32. Dan Vaz says

    The commentator was talking more than the game , lol

  33. Paraskeuas Broukoumis says

    It's like watching a practice game with no fans there
    Good work with camera work and commentary

  34. Rafha Muhammad says

    This is like soccer commentary

  35. Noah Amankwaah says

    I like this commentator.

  36. Evan Wassup says

    Why the commentator talk about everything but the game


    Y is the commentator so loud???



  39. Guy8t4 says

    Kinda dull without fans but I’m not sure if it was just the announcer bugging out, dude had a zillion cups of Starbucks , like chill bruh this ain’t hockey

  40. igobyneq says

    NBA TV earned my sub with this full game ????

  41. Xeng Lor says

    The commentator is ???

  42. Danis Hart says

    Keep it up sir!!!!

  43. Tone Capone says

    Im done with the NBA

  44. Tej Johnson says

    Bro why he calling Lou “the underground goat”?

  45. Keyshawn Robb says

    Can he breathe

  46. callmetagno says

    Honestly i thought the commentary was expert

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