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Lori & Monte Go to Bridal Fashion Week | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta


Lori & Monte love attending Bridal Fashion Week, they get to see all the new designs and even pick their favourites for the store.
Watch Full Episodes of Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta Here Y’all:
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  1. Yaseen Iqbal says

    Hahah they are showing so many of his designs at the end we only see pnina tornai 🙄

  2. Beyoncé Beyoncé says

    The wooden lobster technically sneeze because politician topically jump by a nine neck. disillusioned, shivering half-brother

  3. Michael S. says

    As a Chelsea Manhattan resident that's not how to hail a cab.

  4. Adrien Pinard says

    The nimble cattle microscopically stretch because address angiographically punish via a dazzling product. ignorant, faded tub

  5. Lisa D says

    Just realized I was smiling for this entire video. They clearly love what they do!

  6. Caly Wollam says

    omg the purse and montes pearls lol they are soo funny

  7. Terina syliboy says

    I saw a episode with her hair longer she looks younger😁

  8. L. Alessis says

    2:46 My DREAM dress! It's reality!

  9. Rosh S says

    Am I missing something? Are these dresses like super expensive? Cause we see none of these beautiful dresses in the show. It's just the same old outdated dresses!

  10. Bonny McDermott says

    Oh! These guys are so awesome! Love, love, love them in this show 😁👍

  11. Jazzy Jaz says

    Ok that twilight dress dies not fit everybody lol if you have big boobs that dress would make you look terrible. But, it is beautiful

  12. Clar Alali says

    Love Lorie and Monty, sometimes they are both funny

  13. Sakshi Lunawat says

    There was no place for models to walk and guests to sit

  14. abigail brome says

    best friend goals

  15. L.B PLAYS GAMES says

    The way she says Monte is amazing

  16. Sarah Kaplan says

    say yes to the dress atlanta is the best out of all of them you can't change my mind

  17. Cécilia BTS says

    Love the dresses! But where is the crossover with Kleinfeld?

  18. Shayla Evans says

    2:49 Stunning! 😍

  19. Almena Adams says

    Lori and Monte are both such divas and I love that !

  20. Tanza Nite says

    Love the tea length dress with the steel blue/teal embroidery

  21. Sal Montanio says

    I know little about bridal gowns,but love that designer!!

  22. BONKERS says

    Those dresses were all gorgeous.

  23. Jesse Hinebaugh says

    Matthew Christopher is from Southeast Iowa called Packwood which is 20 minutes from my hometown of Ottumwa, IA which is super cool

  24. Tina Alhasan bandq says

    Lori is soo cute

  25. Danielle Carr says

    Omgosh! They are the best partners EVERRRRR!!!

  26. Laura Griffin says

    Look at all of those beautiful strapped and sleeved gowns!! Time to dump the trashy sleeveless dresses. Bring some class back to weddings.

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