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Livestream – GTA 5 – DREAM CAR MEET and Racing Playlist PS4


PS4 is streamed every Saturday by me at 9:15pm eastern time. It is also hosted at other times, days, etc. by other members who volunteer.
XB1 & PC are hosted only by volunteer members

To join this car meet OR others that are hosted on different consoles, times, etc. by other members, please watch this instructional video on how to join and navigate through my Discord Server if you haven’t already:

Car Meet Rules:
1. If you have cops on you at any time, call Lester to have them removed or leave the car meet area until they are off you.
2. DO NOT honk your horn.
3. Do not crash into anyone or try to constantly crowd the car meet host.
4. DO NOT perform unnecessary burnouts, donuts, shoot flares, fireworks, or weapons.
5. If someone kills another player more than once, they will be kicked from the crew.
6. RC Bandito is not allowed for any meet and will get you permanently banned from the crew.
7. You will be kicked and blocked by the car meet host if you purposely grief other players in the car meet session or break any of the rules.

Racing Playlist In Livestream (PS4 Only):

Source: https://blogema.org
Read more all post Racing : https://blogema.org/racing/
  1. Makeout Hill says

    How tf you gonna call the sultan an sti when it’s mainly based off of the is300 😔🤦‍♂️

  2. 1999 Nissan Skyline GT-R V-SPEC R34 says

    I'd this was today or 2 days ago and I had a p4s and the same stuff I hv on xbox I would of been there in my c8 that I made a rapid blue crew color for

  3. Gavin Allen says

    My dream car is the 1970 El Camino SS 454; however I'm not driving that stupid ass picador, that's not an el Camino that's a pussy ass civilian car

  4. jonathan alvarenga says

    Hope I can join the next car meet💯💯💯and get in a race with y’all 😂💯

  5. SPiTFiRΞ says

    23:54 where and how much for it

  6. Satan says

    my irl car desire is a na miata 🙁

  7. ITZ CAREY says

    Upload the dlc its live

  8. Frank Mitchell says

    Where you at bro

  9. Harvey P. says

    the update is out broo

  10. RetroAficionado says

    Wish I could join your car meets but I play on PC. I would bring my Z Type for this meet.

  11. Frances Sedghi says

    Will we get all the new dlc cars at once plz respond

  12. Devan Menon says

    11:14 F1 is one of the legendary cars ever made till today bruw😒

  13. chaoticcone says

    I was gonna start buying a lot of cars in this game since I have nothing else to buy, and I was curious what do u do when new cars come out and u don’t have enough garage space for them?

  14. fubby85 says

    hello I would like to participate in one of your meet …. how can I do ?? ….

  15. Kingchoo's Rolling Studios says

    Dude, I would love if they added the Tyrrell R34 to the game. Even if it is the slowest and most expensive Open Wheel vehicle, I'd still drive it.

    Oh and the Caparo T1. That's been on my list of a while but I don't think they will bring it out. 🙁

  16. walryz UrStrightAss- says

    Hey DCA just wanted to let you know that i joined the crew on my new account and that you could still call me walryz 👍

  17. Rufus L.H says

    When everyone was driving off the pier😆🤣

  18. Hollis2Hollywood says

    Isn't that a Shlagen GT that you said was your favorite? The Stirling GT (300SL) is actually my favorite car in real life. That and a 60's Lincoln Continental. As far as the stream goes, that Monroe was my favorite.

  19. lucky765planet says

    My dream car isnt in gta 😢 but hopefully itll be added – toyota chaser

  20. Soulweaver0 says

    Call me crazy but, I think some of your moderators watch Xpertthief videos after they suggest to drive off pier.

  21. Dennis Rapp says

    Hey! The Ford GT 2005 is my favourite car too!

  22. Erik says

    charger daytona 69

  23. J Primeau says

    Dream car would have to be a 63 stingray with a split back window

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