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It’s been a long wait but British GT is finally back! Watch the opening race of this year’s Intelligent Money British GT Championship live from Oulton Park in the company of Kelvin Fletcher, Andy McEwan and Joe Osborne.

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  1. paul h says

    Look at those socially irresponsible people with their noses completely uncovered by the masks. Totally defeating the intended purpose of mask and not caring about other peoples health. Shame on them. They should be punished.

  2. Ben says

    Was great to be there! Amazing spectacle and nice to finally have gt racing back

  3. tbpom1003 says

    welcome back british GT!! missed you so much??


    Are those spectators in the infield? If so, nice turnout considering the circumstances ?

  5. Sharon says

    F1’s just finished, now two rounds round of awesome GT racing ???. Joe Osborne the Knob Jockey calling Rob Collard a tin top racer ……. what are you commentating on then ? A field of tin top racers you arrogant fool !. Funny thing is Touring Cars are way more difficult to drive on the limits, anyway you can’t even compare GT3 to BTCC. That Osborne do come out with the most stupid comments sometimes. That’s it then Knob Jockey it is, sounds better than silly Joe Osborne ???

  6. Renuka Kutty says


  7. Werner Brehm says

    Is this series the same like ADAC GT Masters is in germany?

  8. Silvio Kos says

    At 1:48: "Fondness makes the heart grow stronger." I don't think that's how the saying goes… 😀

  9. Shalah Rahim says

    Let's Go, it looks like it gonna rain

  10. Masked Racer says

    I am surprised to say but i like british gt better than the adac gt masters race

  11. MrVortem says

    race start 14:48

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