Live News Update from Gravitational Wave Detectors

This Thursday, the National Science Foundation brings together scientists from Caltech, MIT, and the LIGO Scientific Collaboration at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. for a status report on the effort to detect gravitational waves using the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO).

Everyone is invited to join our Google Hangouts On Air stream while we follow the press conference and collect your questions to be answered by specialists directly after the Washington event.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of Albert Einstein’s prediction of the existence of gravitational waves – ripples in the fabric of spacetime. With interest in this topic piqued by the centennial, we will discuss scientists’ ongoing efforts to observe and measure cosmic gravitational waves for scientific research.

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  1. You need 2 Ligos. Gravity is 4 dimensional, you're going to be even more surprised with two atomic clocks in space instead of one really steady one. USE TWO REALLY STEADY ONES!!!! , to see the milky way black hole gravity difference right now every day as we speak, the fifth force of galactic gravity that Einstein proved with the Lorentz. You NEED 2 like it was done in Einsteins atomic clock measure of the GPS 45.9 microsecond per 24 hours difference. I know how to make gravitational waves, if you ask me I will tell you. The power of time dilation is not a toy. Two ligos in long equidistant from south and north poles on the galactic arm. Then you will start to talk to the black holes.

  2. Not so fast. The entire validity of the experiment is based upon the speed of light being used to calculate the "space"/distance factor. Which demands that C never varies. But what if C does vary? Any change in the propagation medium is well known to change C. The slightest degree of seismic activity could distort the distance for a fraction of a second. Or longer. These potential alternate explanations have not been vetted. "No soup for you" until they have been, MIT.

  3. I'm sorry but this "discovery" is as sensationalistic and based on as little facts, tests and reviews as the sensationalistic BICEP2 "discovery" of Big Bang's Cosmic microwave background (CMB). In the chase of new grants and to justify their continuing existence, it seems some scientists and institutions are prepared to go to any length and feed the public ever increasing sensational fantasy reports and "discoveries". After all, it's about billions of dollars of "free" tax money, and respected people have done a lot more for a lot less.

    ALL of these "absolute facts" about our universe and what is happening at 1, 2 or 14 billion light years distance, and at the same time our respectable scientists can't even get our closest objects right (comets). The dirt ice balls that turned out to be "rocky looking" rocks. All I know is that in a near future many Noble Prizes will be retracted. Maybe people start rejecting it all together.

  4. what if the left over noise we hear in the backround of space from the "big bang", is actually the noise produced from gravitational waves? considering we never knew about them until now its not an out of this world prediction

  5. Thinking about all the different frequencies of possible gravitational waves that probably all exist at the same time is rather like a symphony of the cosmos. I wonder if there will be dominant frequencies or specific areas of frequency of occurrences like a musical scale, or even harmonics of these frequencies possibly left over from the big bang. Perhaps this was just some harmonic of an event which would point more specifically at the cause?

  6. Whoa! Which of the 4 types of theorized black holes were these? Which of the 3 theorized Universes were these two (unidenfied) black holes placed to determine the calculations needed and which were data-processed? Why has this announcement been made without confirmation? Did this observation prove quantum entanglement or did the signal take 1.3 billion years to reach LIGO?

    When will the Engineering Test Phase be finished, so that the 26 million light years parameters can be confirmed to see these gravity-waves at 50 times that distance?

    Is this about funding or about Science? If it is Science, then shame on you ….

  7. This is the biggest load of bunk ever presented to the public. There is no such thing as a black hole. Steven Hawking abandoned black holes years ago. The new standard model for Black holes is MECO's Magnetic Eternally Collapsing Object. The key word here is Magnetic. In space magnetism is caused by electric currents. None of this has to do with gravity. Remember that if gravity is 1 then electromagnetism is 10 to the 28th times stronger. We can fly 2000 miles out into space and the earth gravity has no effect at all. How can gravity effect earth from 1.3 billion light years away. The whole thing is ridiculous.

  8. It's funny that so many "science lovers" take this announcement for an absolute fact. It seems to me that they (scientists) are trying to make a steel wheel out of wood. They are trying to prove what gravity is, but what created the black holes that merged? Didn't gravity created the black holes in the first place? Didn't gravity pulled the two black holes together? Where did they get gravity from? Which two black holes merged? Gravity doesn't come in spikes, it's present all the time. This was all computer simulation and a funky experiment! The Earth already existed before these alleged black holes collided and it already had gravity!  I think they (LIGO) had to show something for the financial support they were receiving from the NSF for 40 years in the form of a two second spike on the oscilloscope… I especially don't trust the guy with the colored beard…

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