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Live! Game Testing Wednesday


Tom and pals try out a game or two on camera.

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  1. Martin Teece says

    Just bought tokoy highway. And love the game

  2. Sara France says

    Haven looks great. Always looking for a great 2 player. It looks thinky but not brain busting thinky.

  3. Benjamin Spears says

    It would almost be better if all the different players had different coloured road pieces in Tokyo Highway. I would be confused as to what roads were mine.

  4. Sajatzsiraf says

    Sam, my man…

  5. Naomi Olson says

    Tokyo Highway looked boring to me until I played it. The planning to place cars is interesting and it is beautiful when it nears the end… I hadn't seen the Kaiju variant yet… you can't say it isn't memorable. 🙂

  6. StuartJ says

    Most twincicles broke unevenly in my experience

  7. Eilif Svensson says


    Thanks to Dice Tower for this entertaining video.

    I am the co-designer of Trollfjord. I apologize if the rules were not clear.
    Since so many people have watched this video, I think it is necessary (at least fair) with some rules clarifications, so that people don’t play it this way if they want to try it out themselves. I will claim that it will affect your game play quite dramatically if you play it correctly. This is a summary of the rules played wrong one or more times during this play through, or at least were not clear to all:

    – Hold one hand gently on top of the tower when hammering. This is written on the very first page of the rulebook. The tower takes a lot of beating if you make sure to hit with the flat surface. Hit only on the side of the tower.

    – MOST IMPORTANT: When successfully gaining a treasure after hammering, you must take back trolls from THAT particular region. This affect the game experience dramatically (this is an important part of your tactical positioning of your trolls). This has been play tested appr. 150 times, and score have been mostly very tight. When you invest in a lot of trolls around a fortress to gain high valued treasure, the risk is also that you must take back a lot of trolls. And you cannot just continue to hammer on the next adjacent tower (or join in on other’s hammering as a comrade). In this play through, you see that Sam gets plenty of points repeatedly because of this (he also played well☺)

    – If you do NOT succeed in getting a treasure, you must take back all trolls from any of the regions around that fortress (typically you choose the region in which you have the least trolls)

    – You must be in 2 regions around the fortress (applies also to the comrade) in order to start hammering (or join in as a comrade).

    – You must follow the particular order of the fortresses. First I, then II, then III, and finally any fortress.

    – As a comrade (joining in on another player’s hammering), you put the treasure face down in your patch (and not on the track). You may join in as a comrade independent on which fortress you are supposed to do next.

    – Crown: This goes to whoever has the highest valuable treasure for one particular fortress number (I, II, III).

    – Maximum limit: The number of trolls around a fortress decides both have many knocks you get and how many cubes of each colour you can get out without busting (you may have an unlimited number of white cubes). So, the more you invest, the more you usually get.

    – Gifts: If you exceed the maximum limit, you may turn over one gift for each cube in excess of the maximum limit. This may not be worth it, but often it is. Each gift is worth 4, 8 and 16 points. This might also be a good way to trigger game end.

    – Placing trolls: On your turn, you may only place trolls in one of the two regions of the terrain (you cannot split them).

    Hope this was clarifying☺

    And finally, one tip: Using the “footstep track” is often very efficient. Just by moving two steps here, you may move 2 trolls into two different regions around a fortress and piggy back off on another player’s hammering.

  8. Cody Frost says

    SO HILARIOUS: 32:49

  9. dfs78 says

    1:00 – Tokyo Highway
    35:00 – Trollfjord
    1:43:00 – Haven (and Sam's Subway order)
    3:01:00 – Lighthouse Run

  10. John A says

    Man that Trollfjord game. They could've easily put a felt pad or some cushioning on the end of the hammer or the sides of the tower. Instead, it is broken after 1 game and they weren't even hitting it exceptionally hard.

    That game looks awful. Awful components and awful gameplay.

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