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Live Game Testing Tuesday SPOILER WARNING!!!!!


SPOILER ALERT!!! We are playing Betrayal Legacy first!

We try out some more games, live!

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  1. Nate Linhart says

    Idk why, but I love watching Dice Tower live plays of Worker Placement/Movement games. It seems like it would be something lame to watch, but it's quite the opposite for me

  2. Cthulwho? says

    “Bro-ch” not “Broo-ch” (or “Brew-ch”) ?

  3. Cthulwho? says

    The “if two tokens are already placed” rule just means if you as a player have placed both your crest tokens down as traps then you can’t take the place traps action anymore. You have no more tokens to place, you have to wait for one to be set off before you can place another.

  4. Eric Glimme says

    betrayal legacy looks pretty boring to me. The entertainment value was from these guys, not the game.

  5. Schwarzeskreuz says

    Worth watching for The Last Dragon reference

  6. Drake Meyers says

    Unsure if this works or not but below are the games with start of them.

    6:20 Betrayal Legacy (Character Introduction Start)
    2:55:36 Crown of Emara (Talking Objective and Start.)

  7. John A says

    I really enjoy these live plays. I am hoping they become a semi-regular thing.

  8. Lotter Winner says

    Any support to include timestamps of each game played?

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