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Live Game Testing at the Dice Tower


Tom and the gang try out new games! Come join us live!

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  1. Daniel Raith says

    So many funny moments

  2. adrienned1yt says

    Is the start of the session going to be available? It seems to start mid game.

  3. Dragoon says

    Ramen, best game of this session! But now, I'm hungry…

  4. Andrew J A Lee says

    2:56:40 The card said move your father to where a mother of a different family is. Unfortunately Sam you moved the father to a room where a father of a different family was. 3:09:52 Zee the Guitar boy should have been ejected out of the cabin not into the living (dead) room.

  5. David Peterson says

    I like Renaissance expansion, it is a much better expansion than Nocturne.

  6. JoaLoft says

    3:03:24 RIP Tom's windpipe

  7. Tightwads With Cameras says

    Dominion game: Is there a reason NOT to token the peach colored continuing action card on the first turn with 4 coin? Seems like a great choice, but I've never played with that type of card. Am I missing something?

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