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LIVE Game Development in Unreal Engine! Project Feline Livestream (Part 2)


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Join me for some live game development! Going to be desiging some new maps and levels for my third-person parkour indie game, Project Feline! Feel welcome to join the fun and ask me anything about the game! Like and Subscribe to see more videos and devlogs on indie game development!

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DISCLAIMER: Project Feline is in pre-production at the time of recording. Gameplay footage shown is not representative of the final product. Visit the development roadmap for more information at

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  1. Raymond Cripps says

    Thanks for joining the stream, I appreciate you all coming out! Stream starts at 13:58.

  2. LeoKingdom69 says

    I can't believe I missed the livestream. I set a reminder on my phone but for some reason it didn't go off…

  3. You Dont Have To Know Sssh says

    Does quarantine give these guys time buff?

  4. cameron schiralli says

    13:55 is when the stream starts

    Also, I still highly recommend playing Celeste, the things it did align near perfectly with a lot of what you're saying you want your game to be (advanced movement being available from the start, but having to figure out how to use it, the way it handled shortcuts and extra routes, very precise)

    Also, the game's just good in itself

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