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  1. I am very happy no rider was injured or killed.
    Dovi, Dovi, Dovi i can't understand that Ducati is letting him go. someone stupid there, apparently they don't want to pay him his worth. Dovi gave his everything for Ducati, loyalty, passion and performance.
    Come on Ducati stop your nonsense and look after your man.

  2. Für Sicherheit und Mensch, löschen Sie die letzte Runde Regel, weil Reiter um Ehre kämpfen, um ihr Leben zu ehren, sollten Ihre MOTOGP-Richter keine dummen Regeln benutzen, um ihren Stolz zu begrenzen! Aber wenn du darauf bestehen solltest, wäre es großzügig mit Teenagern! Retten Sie „EGO“ Ihr eigenes Österreich! Zeig etwas Respekt

  3. Zarco should be given punishment for intentionaly turning left his bike and Zarco immediately brakes and closes the morbideli lane, Pol Espagaro must also be punished because he made a second mistake he intentionaly closing the Olivera and Jarco racing lines.

  4. Our new favorite thing on Sunday will be to cheer against Pol. He can't accept blame for his part of the Zarco incident and does the same thing this week taking out another rider. Then his little tantrum with the red flag. #POL IS A CHILD

  5. AustrianGP is Super Duper Extra big Crash for Morbidelli and Zarco And the Rossi Is Almost Hit by Zarco and Morbidelli Bike 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️DANGER, DANGER!!!!!!!

  6. Rossi was reborn today. Two bikes in the air flying past him, one in-front, one behind. Beside getting 5th spot after starting from 12th on the grid is a very good result. Horrible crash today. Next weekend…same track. We'll see what happens.

  7. – Alex Marquez … disappointing!!! Honda has only one rider .. Nakagami is showing nice results .. Honda could give him a chance

    – KTM gave a tank with a lot of power to Pol Espargaró and he doesn't know how to control it, again he crashed and destroyed took Oliveira with him … he went wild and tried to cameback like in Brno last week …!!! He has a lot to learn …

    – Vinales completely horrible .. after a pole position finished in 14th .. Rossi is almost twice older than him and finished in 5th

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