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Aww I love this part off Little Britain!

Computer says no…

Was I …

A. Very Helpfull.
B. Extremly Helpfull..


C. Fucking Helpfull

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  1. Lilly Cøne says

    Wait isn't the red glasses girl is a boy and he's a judge at America talent

  2. Eggs Benedict says

    This is 11 years ago ( 2008 ) and I was born in 2009.
    WOW! This is so old.

  3. archmodel says

    Why does she sound like ms Rebecca rabbit xD

  4. Kelsey Sikisi says

    Computer says noo

  5. Muck says

    A. Very helpful
    B. Extreme helpful
    C. F**king helpful

    Child: ._.

  6. Mysterious Mood says

    how am i jjust seeing this, D U D E

  7. littledevil 007 says

    i choose c fucking helpful

  8. Dagny Is Awesome says

    12 years. I found this just now?

  9. Stephen Blyth says

    What season Is this clip from

  10. Beedalius Saiquintus says

    Omg this is so funny but I feel so bad for that kid cause she looks like my baby cousin ??

  11. Deku lover says

    This is when I was born

  12. ALICIA VARGAS says

    Carol is David William I didn't know till just know

  13. Chheng Leang says

    @ LOL

  14. Corynn Parrish says

    11 years ago

  15. Da purplecactus -w- says

    OMG that is David Waliams his sister teaches my school!

  16. Rachel Kajos says

    Yay! God i need sleep

  17. •Miccacchino• says

    This was 11 years ago ??

  18. i love tik toc & donuts says

    lol im at 2020 AND ITS SO FUNNY

  19. Victoria Losch says

    My childhood-

  20. Byebye says

    Is that David ?

  21. Not Really a Polymath says

    Carol 'we got there' and her enthusiasm does Britain proud.

  22. Ilaria Warren says

    This has got to be based on my local doctors' surgery.

  23. gacha_frost yt says

    got this from gacha vids-

  24. Yuuki Kuroutarou says

    Back in secondary school, I remember this being a meme.

  25. Frankie Head says

    D not say fu********ing helpful

  26. Linakuere Ninaytui6 says


    P ?P


  27. magshi bb says

    why am i still ✨ h e r e ✨

  28. ITS RYNY says

    Fucking Helpful.

  29. Desiree Coney says

    Never thought I would hear David Williams say the f word

  30. 「French Fry」 says

    Work UvU

  31. Nina E says

    I would have been like: D you weren't even the slightest helpful. ????

  32. Dane B says

    It’s been 12 years how am I just finding this

  33. Emily Avalo says

    cumuter saz no

  34. Ofa Vahai says

    Is this David Williams???? Lol I'm blind if someone says yes

  35. Gamer Master42 says

    1:24 and 1:31

  36. LilGabbo says

    That kid is now 16 year old and still hasn’t needed the double hip replacement

  37. hckr 1104 says

    Gacha Life ruins everything

  38. Baby Sleeeping says

    I came here from a random comment from an explanation of Black Mirror ep 3 season 3 [ I don't need an explanation for any ep at all I just wanted to see people's theory and thoughts in the comment section lmao 😀 ] Anyway that's how I got here :)))

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