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Lionel Messi vs Real Betis (Away) 2018-19 English Commentary HD 1080i


ITV English Commentary

Extra Information:
Match: Real Betis 1-4 Barcelona (La Liga 2018-2019 Season) 17/03/2019

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  1. Alami says

    11:06 "And theres Lionel Messi's heat map…hes…uhhh…been everywhere."

  2. Hornet ramesh says

    Wow Good Thematic Pilot film ??? Touch the link


  3. Antonio Martínez says

    Pueden pasar 10 años pero Messi es el mejor jugador del mundo, y todos los que nos gusta el fútbol tenemos que agradecer haber tenido un jugador como este, gracias por las tardes maravillosas que nos as dado

  4. youtube guest says

    2:12 A class above!

  5. Fkvcgjb Gbvceb says

    وين راه مدافع جزائري لي يلعب ضد ميسي ويقدر يوقف هجماته ولا غير تكدبو

  6. naveen pulluri says

    Love u messi

  7. Aim True says

    What a class! Love the way M10 celebrate. Kool as his own goal.

  8. Parker Beaupré says

    Messi had me applauding my computer screen with this one

  9. ziya kitchen and vlog says


  10. ziya kitchen and vlog says


  11. ziya kitchen and vlog says


  12. ziya kitchen and vlog says


  13. ziya kitchen and vlog says


  14. Ahmed رعي الغنم says

    Salou Ilade Apil moa Diah Graper Diah avec mapti Aasa Pa Ban Pa Dazaliv Daprfitasea

  15. Ahmed رعي الغنم says

    Silou Ceckape Larigal Pour Lafout Bal Silou CIA Pa Pedi

  16. Ahmed رعي الغنم says

    Lafe Dasis Pit Pour Tou Lazripan Lamir D'apour Toa Dias Chanje Lapila Depadal Mohamed Sis Pa Dadrapou Moa Dah Pour Tamamou D'à Mohamed Sis Mohamed Sank

  17. Ahmed رعي الغنم says

    Hy Moa Joupril avec Toa La grand Danama Laroua Hasnia

  18. Ahmed رعي الغنم says

    Toa Pet oucaoa

  19. cedric fernandes says

    Who came here after griezman goal vs villareal

  20. johannes d'Almeida says

    Même but que Griezmann à marqué aujourd'hui

  21. Raj chandra das says


  22. Will Stuart says

    Simply not enough Adjectives in old Webster's to describe the great Messi. ?

  23. Alan Guillén says

    que mega baile le pusieron al Betis, salieron a jugar cascarita los del Barca de que manera tan sencilla llegan a la porteria. Si el partido hubiera durado media hora màs les hacen otros 4 goles sin problema

  24. Ha Ha says

    Đừng bao giờ so sánh mesi với chị 7 nếu có so sánh thì chỉ có thể so sánh bao nhiêu chị 7 thì bằng Messi thôi chứ trên thế giới nói về kỹ thuật thì nhiều cầu thủ còn gấp vạn lần chị 7 những quả bóng vàng của chị 7 đều là do đồng đội và chủ tịch Real Madrid mua cho mà có chứ chị 7 chưa đủ tuổi để so sánh với m10 vì nó quá khập khiễng trả khác gì so sánh kinh tế Mỹ với Lào Campuchia cả

  25. Momodu Kamara says

    Mess is a fine player we know that, but mess have to prove it to the world he is a great player by giving Agentina cup or leaving barcelona to play for another club to see his performing like , Ronaldo

  26. Mandar Goley says

    Messi showing Vidal how to do it…????❤❤

  27. Shahid Rahman says

    Wonder full match

  28. JujuOnYourBlock says

    Hey guys 9 months later never got off the video , just replaying this goal

  29. Mohamed Fawas leo says

    Absolutely goat ?

  30. Nepali Guy says

    I remember watching on ITV as it was a free view and as a chelsea fan, I'm embarassed by our league – the premier league. some of the football Betis played was amazing, don't let the scoreline fool you.I told my Aunty messi will score 4 this game. I said it cos he looked in the mood then when scored that 3rd goal, she wasn't angry but quite shocked wondering how in a pitch filled with 22 players or 23 people including the referee did I make such prediction that one man from one team called messi will score 4 goals.He didn't get 4 but he got 3. He could have right in the end but he hit the post – one of the few performances that led me to become gobsmacked. He had magical performances in 2019 and this betis one is certainly in top 5.

    EDIT: I believe betis are one of those few teams that actually can break barcas rhythm and had more possesion. to do that against barca, you have to be a top team. La Liga is so underrated.

  31. Misael Valderas says

    Estos son los hat trick de Messi…la diferencia con Cristiano no es la cantidad de goles es la calidad el tipo de goles que marca Messi y por supuesto su incidencia en el juego.

  32. Unknown Classified says

    12:52 Oh lookie here: I forgot Setien was manager for Betis. Glad here was here to see THAT goal.

  33. Good Man says

    Messi good man

  34. Amal Kumar says

    Human ? Or something!!???

  35. Erick Kurniawan says

    Respect for Real Betis Player and fans ????????????????
    Salam From Barca Fans INDONESIAN ??

  36. Just Smile says

    I think Real Betis fans, the majority are Messi fans

  37. Just Smile says

    How many players u need to stop Messi from scoring?

  38. Peace Adunwin says

    To call Messi the greatest footballer of all time is tantamount to fallacy of hasty generalisation. Don't you know the difference between entertainment football, having to do with Club matches, and the keenly contested World Cup tournament? By reason of the fact that Messi is yet to deliver the World Cup to his country, he falls behind Pele, Maradona and Mbappe. Pele has two world cups and a third Cup, by default. However, both Maradona and Mbappe have won a World Cup each.

  39. Alan Garcia says

    Hubieran sacado a infLainez "el Messi mexicano" a cierto es otro producto basura y vende humo del club amierdica, el club más corrupto de México

  40. Klaus Brinck says

    Messi bending space and time with that last goal…

  41. John Southwell says

    a standing ovation and chant by the OPPOSITION in their own stadium! GOAT no question, not even close (despite some Ronaldo fans might think)

  42. Betch Litebi says

    That's why to me Messi is the best player in the world.

  43. Adoni asing Adoni asing says

    Hello where is video gol no 3…wkwkwk….no complate thia video no good ok think you…

  44. Rokesh Maharjan says

    Sad for him who laid down in that free kick..

  45. Benedict Wong says

    Fans that do not even clap for Messi third goal are not consider real football fans LOL The commentator said: 'bowing to the master ' , he has no balls to say 'God' coz afraid of offending pele and maradona stupid.

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