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Lionel Messi vs Manchester United (UCL) (Away) 2007-08 English Commentary HD 720p


Lionel Messi vs Manchester United (UCL) (Away) 2007-08 English Commentary HD 720p

ITV English Commentary

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Match: Manchester United 1-0 Barcelona (UEFA Champions League Semi Final Second Leg 2007-2008 Season) 29/04/2008

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  1. B H-0 says

    Messi should grow out his hair again and resume his position as Jesus Christ.

  2. Rizky Pramono says

    Disini passing messi masih culun yaa

  3. youtube guest says

    He was on a dribbling mission in 07/08.

  4. Ediazv5 says

    El Messi más rápido registrado xd

  5. Zaid Albadani says

    I feeling bad for Leo messy How he's getting violence of adversaries
    Especially from real Madrid Teams

  6. Matias Ricaldez says

    Tarzan sos vos ? Jajajjaja te quiero leo ???

  7. Fav says

    15 dribbles in a single match of UCL. He highest ever in the history of the Champions League. And against the greatest english club side ever…

    Still they Say he is ineffective against big teams

  8. milton mariano says

    con pelota en pie era rapidisimo , sin pelota ni las camaras le agarraban

  9. harshit agarwal says

    Messi raped multiple times Paul scholes

  10. Thomas Martinez says

    Fressi PECHO FR10

  11. Robert C says

    Came here for 7:03
    13 years later I still remember Messi selling Scholes down the river

  12. EAGLE EYe says

    I recall the days when I was a Ronaldo & Pl fan but then Messi came and till these days I'm a big big big Messi fan. Though I was a supporter of Barca earlier, it just laliga wasn’t broadcast in my country at that time.

  13. Çagla'm says

    one of his best performances without goals

  14. Çagla'm says

    he completed 16 dribbles in that game, the most dribbles completed in a single game in UCL

  15. Mh Kec2 says

    This Messi have 20 years old but Messi of 2011 2012 have 24 years is inhuman 91 goals and 25 pass in year

  16. Mh Kec2 says

    In this match Messi complete 16 dribble a absolute record in cl. And in oldtraford!!!!!!!!!!! "

  17. arif siddique says

    Why the fuck man u fans booing to messi

  18. Jan Higginson says

    mess i is a weasel and a twat

  19. Mohammed Hussain says

    I remember watching this as and thinking this dude is so much better than Cristiano Ronaldo (who was the balon d'Or holder at the time). I didn't tell anyone because I supported Man United but I was proven right in the end.

  20. Niall says

    Ahhh he'll probably end up a 1 season wonder lol

  21. futbol unido says

    Messi vs cr7 10:15

  22. Javier Gale says
  23. Diego alejandro Pinilla rojas says

    Gran duelo entre schoole y messi, pqra muchos del untd school y rooney eran los prodigios

  24. Sir Alex Ferguson says

    Only if we played counter attack against these in the two subsequent finals as we did in this match. Although these were definitely on the cusp of what became a truly great team. Or perhaps I’ll always try to dominate even if it means losing.

  25. Joseph Okungu says

    When you are on another level Ande the only way the opposing fans think they can stop you is to Boo you ?????

  26. TallDreamy_Daddy says

    2:15 this is the time when Chris decided to go to the gym 24/7

  27. Srihari Damodaran says

    Best player of this leg …did'nt deserve to lose

  28. PAULO says

    messi, realized that being individuabista, would be the best player in the world. And it worked!

  29. AHAY OFICIAL says
  30. Joaquin Rios says

    Paul Scholes? More like Poor Scholes

  31. messi barcalona says

    This guy was the best player on the pitch at 20 years old?

  32. CholoLeo L.A says

    8:32 “Lionel Messi is twenty” wth am I doing in life???? ????

  33. Amir Hamza DZ says

    The 11:20 minute accident records in the history of two legends Ronaldo and Messi?⚽

  34. Music and Football Playlist channel says

    8:11 there's only 1 ?.

  35. Mauricio Campos says

    7:06 one of the best dribbles I have ever seen

  36. Eudes Torres says

    10:16 JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA DESDE EL PRINCIPIO YA ERA MUY CLARO TODO!!!! aunque ni hacia falta la demostración, Messi el mejor lejos y conste que aún no tenía su nivel más alto. Que grande Messi, Viva el fútbol

  37. Punto G says

    Cr7 best player ever

  38. Md Mostafa says
  39. Jarkko Helenius says

    Back when Messi was incredibly good, but still human.

  40. Aborgin begum says

    love the way Messi dribble against Cristiano

  41. Aborgin begum says

    wow how good he is, MANU dream about MESSI

  42. Playing piano CIPRIANO says

    2 futures stars… 2:11

  43. Olamide Adufe says

    Its as if he intentionally brought Scholes to field to dribble

  44. Hassan Brissett says

    Why would anyone want to watch 11 goalless minutes of Messi flopping y’all are weird

  45. Z.A says

    woww, what a talent that number 19 is..He is gonna be big very soon, i guess he will win 6 ballon d or at least

  46. VESANG says

    I don't think we will ever see such a speed and ball control at the same time …

  47. ilham pahri says


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