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Lionel Messi – Unforgettable Champions League History


UEFA Champions League is back! A little motivational video about Lionel Messi’s UCL history. Just because last two year losses against Roma and Liverpool, everybody forgets what Leo Messi has already done in the Champions League. Some of these moments are so underrated! Check it out!

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Also a special thanks to ArtfulMessi, who helped me with this video!
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– For You King by Ender Güney
– Warrior women by Ender Güney

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  1. Ed Nolen says

    A truly incredible video! Each element (the color, the action, the music) is in the right place at the right time. Great job!

  2. Kedar Nadkarni says

    Barca lost against bayern
    YouTube: would u like to watch this?

  3. Bishow Rawal wmLQZKcZJk says

    Can in 2020 Barca claim it…🥺

  4. fouad Hanine says

    Missi goot

  5. oren flotech says

    There is no logical way to describe him…

  6. Anson Almeida says


  7. ASWIN R. says


  8. lobo624 says

    Visca barca. Visca catalonya ❤💙💛

  9. Luis Sergio Rojas Rojas says

    Barça can defeat napoli

  10. Messi 10 says

    Messi transformation -human-goat-alien.
    Opponent can't do anything except praying.So everyone must be sure WHO is The god of the game.

  11. Colocho Lopez says

    He is out of this world

  12. Li Robin says

    When it comes to champions league Messi plays on a different level 🐐

  13. Çagla'm says

    champions league's greatest leo

  14. Sunanda Chaudhary says

    Those who says ronaldo is real UCL merchant ,they are fool. Always get carried by modric, kroos,marcelo, bale, benzema. Ronaldo since he left them = 8 goals 2 asists and messi since xavi, iniesta, neymar , alves = 14 goals 6 asists. It tells who is more alone danger. Of course Messi

  15. MAH Football HD says

    Mind checking out my montage?

  16. Future Stars says

    Fantastische video! Ga zo door 🙂

  17. Pranav Pallipurath says

    Ronaldo the best player in the world

    Messi is from space

  18. Wiktor J says

    Amazing video 😍🔥🔝👏👍

  19. Jayalakshmi S says

    Messi is the legend so lets hope😁😁😁

  20. Eto'o kadala says

    I hope Messi 💪 will be the same as before

  21. Willian Guimaraes says

    Pra Ganhar A Champions League O Barcelona Tem Que Torcer Pro Ter Stegen E Messi Tá No Melhor Dia Da Carreira Deles Porque Com O Futebol Que Tá Jogando Nessa Temporada

  22. Bubacarr Saho says

    The sound even makes it more better.

  23. MrMuffin says


  24. alper dereli says

    Two connect

  25. Belarusian Countryball says

    Hi Wouva
    Great video man

  26. Wouva says

    UEFA Champions League is back! Who will win this years UCL? Can Messi do it with Barcelona's current team and situation? I doubt so, but when there is hope, we go again! Vamos Leo!

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