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Lionel Messi – Top 20 Goals of The GOAT – HD


Lionel Messi – Top 20 Goals of The GOAT – HD


Fad3nHD Production

The best Lionel Messi goals – great solo goals, runs, free kicks, long range goals and chips!

Music: Machinimasound – Battle of Kings Extended

Thanks for watching 🙂

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  1. Wieslaw Sobocinski says

    Lionel Messi -the King

  2. Eto'o kadala says

    Messi Messi Messi ? I love hearing his name all time, because he's the ? king player in football history

  3. Adeboyejo Ayoyemi says

    I knew inkaraaa Messi would be number one ?

  4. Rabbi ahmed says

    ankaraa messi…..messi messi?????

  5. Milo Methven says

    If he wins something with Argentina and maybe another team other than Barcelona he will be imo the best way player of all time

  6. Alberto Sumano says

    Messi es un jefe extraterrestre

  7. Angela Ndala says

    Quarantine and I'm still here…Messi the greatest player of all time?

  8. Mission Education_Family says

    মাওঃ শামীম ওসমানী I Shamim_Osmani-https://youtu.be/1Pk3RJWp7x8

  9. John De Britto says

    Lion of Football ground

  10. İsimsiz Kullanıcı says


  11. Matteo Seleri says

    Amazing video, but how could the goal vs Bayern be 16th? It should be top 5

  12. Vince McMahon says

    He chipped a pass to himself hahahahahahahahahaha

  13. Noah Velez says

    Messi is ?

  14. Eric Lee says

    10:00 sounds like my pissed off maid

  15. Leon Ng says


  16. Robin Cheema says

    He makes those international oppositions look like school teams

  17. Paul Salas says

    This is fucking filthy ?

  18. Mwiti Andrew says

    I don't like comparisons but this man has no equal in football. Pure bliss to watch

  19. Prabu Ram says

    Messi legend of football

  20. F.A.R Futuregreat says

    That feint in Eibar goal. OMG. How does he do it?

  21. Master Chess says

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  22. Matthieu Meylemans says

    The chip against Betis should be no. 1 in my opinion

  23. ぬべすちょん says


  24. Milan says

    min 1:32 the person who set the score already knows what is gonna to happen

  25. Dong Ho says

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  26. TESLA WORLD from Leben company says
  27. SilverMustang920 says

    Reasons this was a FANTASTIC video :
    you kept the commentary, background music was nice, the commentary and music volumes were well balanced, you kept all replays from different possible vantage points, and the ranking of goals was well sought out. Great editing! Oh just one thing though, I would've been fine without that alien photograph before the #1 goal. ??

  28. ليوناردو دافنشي says

    لاشي يشبهك ❤️❤️

  29. dalitis dalitis says

    Goal vs Sevilla away 2019 (first one) Goal vs Getafe at home 2010. Goal vs AC Milan 2013 (first one, at home R16) Goal vs Espanyol 15/16 (second one I think)

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