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Lionel Messi Respect Moments


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  1. Man Pollo Log in says

    He's a loving man I actually about upload a video about his life outside sports subscribe to my channel so that you don't miss out this.peace

  2. Legend Emperor says

    "Ronaldo may have more fans, but Messi's fans are Die Hard fans"

  3. Nujat Tabassum says


  4. Sunimol Rejimon says

    Messi 😘😘😘

  5. Luvkush Tripathi says

    0:41 you can see the reactio of other players

  6. the monster says

    I love this man so much

  7. Emre Keke says

    Messi Goat

  8. Nobar Studio says

    “You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.” – Lionel messi

  9. Dodji Dakou says


  10. Noushad kalathil says

    What a mahnnnn🥰🤩😍😍


    Messi uyir

  12. Alex Pandian J says

    Like your players but love your parents

  13. THE FIFTY FACTS {50 FACTS} says

    Messie the legendd

  14. gaurav panicker says

    What is the name of background music

  15. gaurav panicker says

    True champion leo.Lots of love from India.
    What's the background music it's awesome.?

  16. shafeeque KK says


  17. Omar Shammari says

    Left footed right handed

  18. ja h says

    I watched this video 3 years ago

  19. telvin manayil says

    Great great messi

  20. Korm Taing An says

    Who cry after watching this video?

  21. Ali Emami says

    Messi is best footballist .Ali Emami 😎😋


    MESSI……il più grande giocatore della storia del calcio.


    Messi luv u from INDIA

  24. Mouhamad Mesmar says

    انا الوحيد عربي😅

  25. Sarath Sankarapuri says

    God of football

  26. Maria Eugenia says

    Un grande Dios leo Argentina te ama y en el 2022 la del mundo es nuestra

  27. Giuliana Oriani says

    Con tutti quei soldi che si becca è lui ch so dovrebbe inginocchiare

  28. Kai8463 says

    How on earth do pitch invaders get past those guards, my school teachers are better at guarding the play ground from us entering it, lol

  29. sreyas s nair says


  30. Lima Walnick says

    Mesi is the best

  31. Kasia Farhat says


  32. Shyetto says

    6:14 Grande Vegetta777 al lado de Messi

  33. Naughty Nithin says

    4:20 he just came to his fan and gave a handshake without any Headweight🥺😍 What a man… One day I will meet you for sure😘🥳

  34. salman faris says

    Messi 😍😍😛😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Richard Calisi says

    brings me to tears to have him in pain losing to finals 4 times….I see his tears, I see his pain..i see his heart broken. But 2021 and 2022, those tears will disappear, his pain will disappear his heart will become stronger….THE RAGE WITHIN THE BEAST WILL AWAKEN…RIP to all who face the 10!!!!!!!!

  36. Style Bender says


  37. GATOX7 says

    Este video me hizo llorar

  38. Osvaldina Salvador says

    Um Amor de pessoa

  39. Jacob Egon says

    "Cristiano Ronaldo is so fast, so strong, so incredible, but he has one problem; Leo Messi"

    – Jürgen Klopp –

  40. Vivia Adriana says

    Lindo maravilhoso amo você messi😍😍😍😍

  41. bilal khattak says

    Respect ✌ . Messi.,,,,,when messi retire i will say good bye to football.

  42. Ravi Chan says


  43. Sky- Fox says


  44. Nelson Sikopo says

    If you hate messi then you have problems

  45. Alexis Solano says

    Era Dinho..????

  46. サッカーキング says

    I love it

  47. Swostika Dhakal says

    Best forever Messi 😍😍love from Nepal

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