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Lionel Messi – King Of Football


▷ Lionel Messi – King Of Football ● Amazing Dribbling

With the departure of former captain Andrés Iniesta in May 2018, Messi was named the team’s new captain for the following season. On 12 August 2018, he lifted his first title as Barcelona’s captain, the Supercopa de España, following a 2–1 victory over Sevilla. On 19 August, Messi scored twice in helping Barcelona defeat Alavés 3–0 in their first La Liga match of the season, with his first goal, a free kick that he rolled under the jumping Alavés wall, making history in being Barcelona’s 6000th goal in La Liga. On 18 September, Messi scored a hat-trick in a 4–0 home win over PSV Eindhoven in Barcelona’s opening Champions League group stage match of the season, setting a new record for most hat-tricks in the competition, with eight. On 20 October, Messi scored and assisted in a 4–2 home win over Sevilla, but was later forced off in the 26th minute after falling awkwardly and injuring his right arm; tests later confirmed that he had fractured his radial bone, ruling him out for approximately three weeks. On 8 December, Messi scored two free kicks – his ninth and tenth goals from set pieces during the calendar year – in a 4–0 away win over Catalan Derby rivals Espanyol in La Liga; this was the first time ever that he had managed such a feat in the league. His first goal was also his 10th league goal of the season, making him the first player ever to reach double figures in La Liga for 13 consecutive seasons.
Messi taking a freekick against Real Valladolid in August 2018

On 13 January 2019, Messi scored his 400th La Liga goal in his 435th league appearance in a 3–0 home win over Eibar, becoming the first player ever to manage this tally in just one of Europe’s top five leagues. On 2 February, Messi scored twice in a 2–2 draw against Valencia, with his first goal coming from the penalty spot, his 50th La Liga penalty goal; as such, he became only the third player in La Liga history after Cristiano Ronaldo and Hugo Sánchez to score 50 penalties in the competition. Later that month, the club admitted they had begun preparations for Messi’s future retirement. On 23 February, Messi scored the 50th hat-trick of his career and also provided an assist for Suárez, as he helped Barcelona come from behind to achieve a 4–2 away victory over Sevilla in La Liga; the goal was also his 650th career goal for club and country at senior level. On 16 April, Messi scored twice in a 3–0 home victory over Manchester United in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals to give Barcelona a 4–0 aggregate win, which saw Barcelona progress to the semi-finals of the competition for the first time since 2015; these were also his first goals in the Champions League quarter-finals since 2013.

On 27 April, Messi came off the bench and scored the only goal in a 1–0 home win over Levante, which allowed Barcelona to clinch the league title; this was his 450th La Liga appearance, and his first league title as Barcelona’s captain. On 1 May, Messi scored twice in a 3–0 home win over Liverpool in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals; his second goal of the match, a 35-yard free kick, was the 600th senior club goal of his career, all of which had been scored with Barcelona. In the return leg six days later at Anfield, Barcelona suffered a 4–0 away defeat, which saw Liverpool advance to the final 4–3 on aggregate. On 19 May, in Barcelona’s final La Liga match of the season, Messi scored twice in a 2–2 away draw against Eibar (his 49th and 50th goals of the season in all competitions), which saw him capture his sixth Pichichi Trophy as the league’s top scorer, with 36 goals in 34 appearances; with six titles, he equalled Zarra as the player with the most top-scorer awards in La Liga. He also captured his sixth Golden Shoe award, and a record third consecutive award since the 2016–17 season. On 25 May, Messi scored his final goal of the season in a 2–1 defeat to Valencia in the 2019 Copa del Rey Final.

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    Top 3 best players to ever play the sport with raw natural talent.
    Ronaldhino. Messi. Pele.
    No particular order

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    Sublime talent. Most gifted sportsman of the last 100 years in all sports. A SPORTING VISIONARY

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    Messi is Overrated. CR7 is the GOAT, better than Messi. Fun Fact: Cristiano Ronaldo has both the record for UCL ASSISTS and Chances Created from Open Play in the UCL. He beats MESSI IN BOTH THOSE PLAYMAKING STATISTICS AT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LEVEL FELLAS. Lmao. More international goals than Messi (by far); him and Messi are basically EVEN in international assists with Ronaldo at 37 and Messi at 40. So much for better "playmaker."
    And Messi got to Play with Ronaldinho, Deco, Henry, Eto, Zlatan, David Villa, Dani Alves, Saviola, Zambrotta, Marquez, Xavi, Puyol, Pique, Iniesta, Fabregas, Busquets, Alba, prime Alexis Sanchez, Thiago, Suarez, Neymar, etc and he STILL HAS LESS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TITLES THAN CRISTIANO and way less goal in the QF, SF, and Finals. Ronaldo is also the ONLY player to ever lead a top 5 league in assists (he had the most assists in the 2006 EPL season) and lead another top 5 league in goals (la liga). GOAT. 5 UCLs as top scorer to Messi's 3. CR7 is the GOAT. Messi fanboys are in denial, but Messi has done LESS WITH MORE. No player in the past 40 years has played with more surrounding elite world class talent than Messi – he has literally played with MORE FIFA XI teammates than ANY OTHER player – and yet he BARELY has 3 UCLS as top scorer (and the controversial Barcelona – Chelsea game in 2009, that gifted him an undeserved UCL title, was ranked by Bleacher Report as the worst refereed game of the UCL era). OVERRATED.

    How are you the GOAT but you can't score or create ONE goal in the second leg vs Roma up 3-0 and up 3-0 to Liverpool TWICE? That's called being a CHOKER – overrated players score hat-tricks vs Eibar when their teams don't need them, but score 0 goals in the UCL when 1 goal would suffice.
    CR7 is third in overall dribbles completed since they BOTH turned pro, behind only Messi and Hazard and this is at almost 6'2. Who else has completed as many dribbles as Cristiano at HIS height or taller? Fun fact: NOBODY. LITERALLY NO PLAYER has completed as many dribbles (i.e. beat as many defenders) at his HEIGHT or taller. Shorter players have a lower center of gravity, allowing them to change direction laterally faster than taller players. This is why all the best dribblers (isco, hazard, messi etc) are almost always short. When it comes to raw EFFECTIVENESS, Ronaldo is superior. Messi plays for a superior Argentina side and STILL doesn't have a Copa, STILL doesn't have a single goal in the KO stages of the World Cup, STILL chokes (missed one v one vs Neuer in the WC finals but his fanboys will blame Higuain) in big games (0 goals, 2 assists in the KO stages of the past 2 World Cups COMBINED).

    Messi fan logic: Barcelona win -" 1000% Messi, he doesnt need teammates, GOAT, better than Pele, Maradonna, Garrincha, Di Stefano, Cristiano, Ronaldo El Fenomeno, Thierry Henry PUT TOGETHER!!!!"; Barcelona lose – "Managers, fault, his teammantes fault, ball boys fault, the barca boards fault, the grass cutter's fault, and above all else it' HIGUAIN'S FAULT!!!!" Messi, despite playing with MORE FIFA XI TEAMMATES THAN ANY PLAYER OF HIS GENERATION, gets ALL the credit when his teams win but NONE of the blame when HIS team's LOSE. Hahaha. Clowns. Messi is overrated. I've watched footy since the 70s, Messi might have more fan friendly aesthetics, but Ronaldo is the better, more DECISIVE player.
    Maradona: "If I want to have fun, I'll play with Messi, if I want to win, I'll play with Ronaldo."
    Ronaldo has the record for most HEADERS all time, that implies that he can play as a target man, simplifying the tactical approach to the game by maximizing the efficacy of crossing opportunities. His off ball movement and positioning are unrivaled. Messi, by virtue of his height, can only play one way. It's been exposed when he's on Argentina. Dude has Aguero (has goals per game in EPL HISTORY), Di Maria, Higuain, Icardi, Martinez, Mascherano, Biglia, Lavezzi, Pastore, Dybala, Rojo, etc and still has excuses for not winning anything? LMAO.
    Created more chances than Messi:
    Outscored Messi in his OWN stadium in the biggest rivalry in sports (el classico): https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/4237447/cristiano-ronaldo-el-clasico-goals-nou-camp-lionel-messi/

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    Messi el mejor futbolista de esta epoca, y uno de los mejores de todos los tiempos junto a pele, maradona y demas

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