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Lionel Messi ● Are You Human ? ● Best Goals / Skills Ever


Best Skills and Goals of Messi ! I watch all your games and I have just one question, Leo… Are you human ?

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Music: Twelve Titans Music – Dust and Light

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    What happened to your channel, you were so potential? :/

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    I am glad I was one of your first subs and I am proud to say it

  5. Garbage Gaming says

    Great vid keep up the good work

  6. TALIYY says

    3:15 if you pause it and look at there faces it looks like neymar won it

  7. Siddharth Chawla says

    Awesome video bro!

  8. Crazy Marshmallow says

    As a young teen footballer, i look up to messi, he is my hero. In my opinion, there is no debate over who the best player in the world is right now, it's obviously lionel messi. His dribbling, passing, shooting, speed, agility, ball control, everything about him as a football player is amazing. In my opinion, best player of all time!



  10. Andres says

    Amazing video I am glad to see you uploading again

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    Amazing!!! Great work!!! This video is Perfect!!!!

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    È un capolavoro

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    Nice work bro 😀 Can you please check out my channel? 😉 Any feedback would be great! 🙂

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    Cool video m8

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    I'm BACKKKKKKK !!!

    After almost 5 months without video, here is my new short video about, for me, the best player ever: Lionel Messi !

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