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Lifestyle RV – The Lifestyle Luxury RV is #1


Lifestyle Luxury RV is acknowledged industry wide for manufacturing the finest fifth wheel travel trailers in North America. Every Lifestyle RV is manufactured without compromise and engineered to exacting standards that result in a product that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.
The unmatched quality of the Lifestyle RV begins with its frame. The frame is the heart of any RV and Lifestyle builds the strongest, most rigid frame in the industry. The Lifestyle double-stacked box steel tube design is unique to Lifestyle and it provides a level of strength and rigidity that is unparalleled. This exclusive design allows Lifestyle to engineer features into every Lifestyle Luxury RV that you not find in any other RV. Likewise, this incredibly rigid frame allows engineers to design Lifestyle RVs to strict tolerances that insure trouble-free performance for decades to come. Quality is the hallmark of every Lifestyle RV and engineering excellence is the difference.
Full wall slide outs are not new to the RV industry. However, full wall slide outs have been fraught with problems because they were not engineered properly. Simply put, they lacked the necessary frame support. The Lifestyle RV double-stacked box steel tube frame provides the rigidity required to make full wall slide outs a viable option. Likewise, Lifestyle Luxury RV has opted for a more expensive electrical drive system for their full wall slide outs rather than the traditional hydraulic system. In addition, the dual floor design means that slides operate above the floor so allowing their engineers to position the axles in the ideal location for proper weight distribution and optimal towing characteristics without having to modify the frame.
The dual floor basement system integral to the double-stacked box tube steel frame design gives Lifestyle fifth wheel trailers more than 30% more storage than traditional designs. Expansive storage is found in front, in the rear and in the middle of the RV.
RV Steals and Deals is proud to offer the full lineup of Lifestyle RVs. We have the best prices in the country on this extraordinary line of RVs and we offer nationwide delivery of the Lifestyle Luxury RV. We deliver in all fifty states and internationally as well. Your vehicle will arrive at your home fully ready for you to enjoy at your first opportunity. So if you seek the best in a fifth wheel travel trailer, contact us and we will help you make owning a Lifestyle RV a reality.

Holiday RV South
RV Steals and Deals
26076 W. Highway 160
South Fork, CO 81154
Ph. 719-873-1800

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  1. adam gasdga says

    There are a lot of nice RVs out there but I personally like these the best. They are really well built.

  2. Carigan Smelea says

    I had never heard of Lifestyle until I saw one in Oregon. It knocked my sox off!

  3. Germano Mosconi says

    Lifestyle is now the benchmark for the industry. Their build quality is the best.

  4. JustinBieber4Prez says

    Lifestyle is the Mercedes of the fifth wheel world. There is nothing else even close.

  5. Szymon Goździk says

    Beautiful vehicle. Might be in my budget next year.

  6. Albert Uzoigwe says

    Beautiful vehicle. Might be in my budget next year.

  7. ggruie says

    Very informative video. Thanks

  8. Arif Mecidov says

    Lifestyle is by far the best 5th wheel RV being made today. Check one out if you have not done so already.

  9. Nancey Gilliards says

    Lifestyle is expensive but worth every penny.

  10. yin yuen says

    Super video. These are stunningly beautiful RVs.

  11. juzer looser says

    My best friend and his wife just bought one. It is an amazing RV.

  12. HomemNatas says

    Lifestyle RVs really are top notch. I be buying one in about a year when I retire.

  13. FRBpollo20 says

    Well done video. I saw a Lifestyle in Florida and it was super nice.

  14. blackveil221 says

    Great video. It looks like these would be worth looking at. Thanks.

  15. Nancey Gilliards says

    I'll be going to an RV show this month and I'm looking forward to seeing the Lifestyle RVs. I've heard good things about these RVs and I want to see if they have a floorplan the wife will like.

  16. iLoveMusic ForMyLife says

    I bought a Lifestyle and I couldn't be happier. The fit and finish are top rate and everything has worked perfectly so far.

  17. gorki akankan says

    I saw a Lifestyle RV at an RV park and was super impressed. We'll be replacing our old Montana next year and Lifestyle is at the top of my list.

  18. Arif Mecidov says

    Someone I met at an RV park had told me about Lifestyle, but I had never seen one before. Good video.

  19. Bhairav Suman says

    I hadn't heard about Lifestyle RVs. Good video. Thanks!

  20. ButyrskiComedy says

    Great video and a great RV.

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