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LGR – Repairing The Barbie/Hot Wheels Computer


Mattel made these unique machines through Patriot Computers, but sadly they’re almost all dead now. Let’s restore one of them!

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  1. Guilherme Doze says

    The oven got me

  2. signbear999 says

    The power button is the same one in the Compaq Presario 7594 which I have

  3. Jackie Chan says

    The oven trick made my day!!!!

  4. Michel Du bled says

    Imagine put a Titan RTX, an i9990k and 256 GB of ram into it

  5. CyanideJuiceBox! says

    Everybody gangsta 'till you whip out barbie supercomputer

  6. Catcher Reeves says

    I would love to build like a amd apu build in that

  7. EEK Turk says

    Doom on barbie pc

  8. Fudgenuckles D says

    I know billiam been looking for that hot wheels one

  9. Trillyana says

    If someone I didn't trust told me they fixed a motherboard by cooking it in the oven I would assume they were trying to trick me into destroying a motherboard

  10. John Mack says

    I knew the owner of Patriot Computers. He was a slime ball.

  11. Kizzy AppleBloom says

    For a person who has no clue how computer work or deep knowledge about them. I love watching him fix them seeing them work again even though I have no clue what he doing most of the time .

  12. NirvanaShotgun says

    "Mmm, smells like fresh Barbie."
    – LGR, 2016

    >barbie pc
    >DOOM icon

    Sounds about right.

  13. Windows_2000_YT says

    There should have been a Nickelodeon pc

  14. shoobady boobop says

    as silly as the hotwheels one looks, id kill for one lol

  15. Ian M says

    i got fingercuts just by seeing that case

  16. Eitan Rieger says

    wowowow…. what is that on the left? a Tall boy or a Fat man?

  17. Andre Morgan says

    @LGR the top usb ports on the barbie computer are 2.0 and the bottem 2 are 1.0

  18. 西野エマヌエル says

    12:50 Hmm, ""smells like fresh Barbie!"

  19. Bagels YT says

    god dam you LGR, this video kept me up till 4am whenever i was 9 years old!

  20. sandakureva says

    I kinda want to get one of these and turn it into a sleeper PC.

  21. Deenie Beenie says

    Still pissed my family got rid of both of these. I even have a picture of me playing my hot wheels pc as a kid

  22. FlareOpti FX says

    7:50 казалось бы, причем тут украина?

  23. Bret Wery says

    Wow does that bring back memories lol. I bought 40 barbie PCs to resell and almost half wouldn't boot because the cmos batteries were dead. I remember all the same frustrations of working on those but I never put a motherboard in the oven. Thanks for the video!

  24. Luciano Martinez says

    You should turn it into a Sleeper Build.

  25. Martin Zancocchia says

    Build a sleeper pc inside

  26. Чики Брики says

    local man cooks expensive hardware and fixes it

  27. Cullen Dugas says

    I remember in junior high we had these old Windows XP computers and I mean old. And people would try to play modern Minecraft on it lol and it would be like 3 FPS

  28. Vincent Schumann says

    just wanting to say that i have the same monitor

  29. Paul Fazakas says

    All i can imagine is that this was owned by a 7 year old UK girl that was spoiled and this pc kept breaking and she was just telling her dad like: Daddy please fix my loveley barbie computer and make everything inside pink and please intall barbie games on it NOW!!!

  30. Miles Tails Prower says

    Omg I had that Acer x193w monitor on my Windows 7 pc

  31. Marcio Oliveira says

    I think this hotwheels case deserves a raspberry.

  32. Toa of Stop Motion says

    Why do you sound like Bruce Campbell?

  33. Gemquist says

    "I'm sure it will play Barbie games, but who cares."
    Someone has obviously not played Barbie Detective, aka Detective Barbie In the Mystery of the Carnival Caper.

  34. MK25 says

    Holy fuck, this video made lgr sound like a creepy old man when he brought out the the barbie computer…

  35. fatima rouabah says


  36. Saulius Jance says

    Mmm… A smell of fresh backed motherboard… 😀

  37. Codog Sibling says

    I thought it sings:
    AyAyAy im your little butterfly.

  38. Pikachu Boss says

    12:54 smells like fresh Barbie

  39. no no says

    it's bowling for screams

  40. Alyssa King says

    Me: Mom, can we have a computer?
    Mom: We already have a computer.
    ?????? ??

  41. Patrick Harper says

    Chances are it wouldn't boot because the chipset is toast.

  42. Ya boi Noided says

    This is kind of like heart surgery.

  43. Everything 101 says

    Doom 2 on a Barbie PC. Nice

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