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Lego Star Wars! I was soo keen for this demo and man it lived up to my expectations! I cannot wait to play the full game in 2 days! i really like the way this game is looking so far let me know your opinion down below! Thanks for watching guys! See you soon 🙂

My other social media links are down below! I have also written the answers to the most frequently asked questions i get so I hope this answers them 🙂


Frequently asked Questions:

Background Song: Proleter April showers

Upload schedule: Every Tuesday 🙂


Capture Card: Happauge HD PVR 2 Gaming edition

Editing software: Adobe After Effects, Adobe premier elements, Adobe Photoshop

Console: Xbox One

Hope that answers some of your queries 🙂

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  1. Blinxinator says

    anyone see the smiley face in the sky 13:55 🙂

  2. Sam Ratcliffe says

    Can you do a face revel plz

  3. Manolito Benítez says

    xvideos un cagón de Gata vete a la porra y colgaste vídeos y de un cagón TACA total y tú también

  4. Mr.Margwa says

    This guy used to be so cool when has was doing those hero pick ups now he tries too hard to be funny. 🙁

  5. Christoffer Røsnes says

    Can u play the full game when u can?plz:D

  6. Alvin Hed says

    Thank you for responding man!!!

  7. ayden morgenstern says

    Mines downloading now can't wait, will stay up all night till it finishes downloading!!!

  8. Hayden Frey says

    Yeah Lego star wars

  9. Killian Morrell says

    +KRYPTIK does your second name start with l because I think I found you Facebook:P

  10. Kablies says

    Get Rey-Kt !


    Anyone notice that face in the clouds at 14:24

  12. A Lilley says

    I think that you should stick to Star Wars battlefront

  13. Fizzy says

    Don't get rid of your helmet but i loved this video

  14. Alvin Hed says

    Love your vids man!!! Keep going like this

  15. Destroyer2319 says

    Loved this video!

  16. DylanT035 says

    What country u from

  17. Flynn Carroll says

    in Lego batman 2 that was the first Lego game that talked

  18. dick smith says

    That face cam tho

  19. whomakesthelaw says

    Yes! You made the video! I think it's a great idea to just cut out a few parts where you're trying to figure out the puzzles, and then include the part when you actually solve it. It's more work but worth it I think. Great job!

  20. The Gift Of Jericho Y2H HZR says

    I couldn't help but think Metal Gear Solid when you kept hiding in that barrel.

  21. The Gift Of Jericho Y2H HZR says

    This looks sooooo bloody good, damn i love Lego Games.
    I can't wait to get it myself!

  22. Jossean Santiago says

    "I'm playing as my gf" XD

  23. Paulp3456 says

    sick vid bro

  24. gouda says

    I picked this video ahead of miniminter. You just became my favorite Youtuber

  25. Eric Larson says

    Kryptik, FYI, there is a Storm trooper that literally called Storm trooper 4, he is the one storm trooper that is a complete idiot. He messes everything up that he does.

  26. Joshua John Wood says

    You fucking dumpling.
    Great editing though. 🙂

  27. Xstoffer says

    You are the best +KRYPTIK you play different games and fun to watch games, you upload more and overall you are my fair favourite Youtuber! The music when you put that box on finn was so funny! Keep it up KRYPTIK

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