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LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (71374) Set Review


Today, we’re looking at the brand new LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System!

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  1. Rainbow Stuffies says


  2. RockSchneider says

    lol, those tvs did not have audio video outputs

  3. JimmyQuick Live says

    Really great video. I enjoyed your review and subscribed

  4. aldinoguy Gaming says

    Have you had trouble with the cartridge slot getting stuck inside the LEGO nes my has been getting stuck

  5. Angel F says

    Wait can i still get that mario? The one that plays music

  6. Casey Rowe says

    They need to release a SNES or a GameCube next

  7. 神楽坂正太 says

    it's better if the controller can connect to an ev3 brick

  8. Judah Lucas says

    it would be so cool if they made like 10 dollar sets that have the game cartridges in them

  9. Matthew Sano says

    Im so excited. For the fun of it I checked store inventory at lego's online shop and my local lego store had it in stock. I rushed to the mall.

    They had 2 on the shelf and 3 behind the cashier.

    That was around 1:00 pm EST. I checked again at around 4:00 pm and they were sold out.

    Good luck to all still looking to get this set.

    Hopefully your local store will get shipments in throughout the months.

  10. EpicTyro says

    0:50 bro your left hand is shaking so much get some sleep bro 🙂

  11. Nicole Kali says

    Trying to convince my 7yo it's better to get the console,than this🤦‍♀️

  12. SD Media says

    Now all we need to wait for is the LEGO Sega Genesis!

    And the rest of the NES revisions, and the SNES revisions, blah blah blah.
    Maybe give us more cartridges, even a Gameboy.

  13. theJade says

    "Some more pipes there" is actually the 3 secret warp pipes at the end of 1-2.

  14. Jacek Pietrzak says

    Well NES i a NES but the TV seems to be a real highlight of that set.

  15. Brick Cavalier says


  16. Super Mario says

    Are we all going to ignore the fact that ashnflash doesn’t have a switch or want one

  17. Gamemaster64 says

    2:27 I wonder if I should go to each video and see if they show this spot as you're the second person I found to forget there a port that goes there like the visual and audio one.

  18. HarryFlamePlays says

    Just like a piston feed tape

  19. Adventure Playtime says

    This is incredible. Really cool set

  20. davide carlini says

    I have this,and this is very accurate,now i want orange and grey gun with duck hunt.

  21. Scubamatics D says

    That is so cool hopefully we'll see some Legend of Zelda

  22. Peh says

    2:17 You missed something there.

  23. FunwithStewart says

    It’d be cool if they added expansion packs with another game screen and game pak

  24. Im_overwatching_you says

    Bro it’s compatible with the LEGO mario?!?!

  25. Flare 57 says

    I want it but I’m broke.

  26. Will Trooper says

    I'll say this once since he brought it up for swapping out games

    clears throat

    T E T R I S

  27. Patrick Thomas says

    Is he on speed he is so twitchy

  28. baljeetus says


  29. Chief Tea says

    i love this! I may just get it

  30. Kmart Man says

    now all we need is a wii

  31. goose says

    this would be controversal but i would count the pixel mario as a minifig

  32. Abe Is Cool Productions says

    as an owner of the nes i love this set so much, it’s kinda small and the cartridge is kinda small but ITS SO COOL I LOVE IT!! it’s so cool! the tv looks a little TOO old but I DONT CARE ITS SOOOO COOOOL

  33. GanonGhidorah says

    I don't know what timeline I'm on…and I'm real scared.

  34. Eric Joice says

    the actual lego mario isnt what I wanted from nintendo lego, but the nes is great!

  35. Elliott Graham says

    I would get this but I don’t want to waste my money on Lego Mario set

  36. Fco 64 says

    Mario is LOOKING at you

  37. Macho Nacho Productions says

    Great video! I like your theory on potentially getting add on sets for the TV that "plays" different games! That would be so cool if they did that! Cheers!

  38. sanctifiedfire says

    I hope you guys run this up so i can resell it at $450-500 in the future

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