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Learn Nepali 101 – Body and Health


Language Lesson 3

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  1. Chaya C Joshi says

    Thank Q bro

  2. HBA says

    Thank you for talking so slowly 🙂 Too fast talking is the problem with so many other nepali language course videos

  3. Modig Beowulf says

    Muy Bien

  4. opo says

    Thank you very much from Kuwait

  5. هنوف عب الله says

    Thank you sir ,
    I need activ ,passive voic how to learn nepali and english garmar.

  6. Archie Yanson says

    So handsome…😁😀 Lessons were so clear and very useful…😊😆

  7. kishan Gurung says

    tqu vahii hajur lahii

  8. Napali Napal says

    Thanks 🙏 big sir😍👈🏻😃

  9. Napali Napal says

    Wow 😯

  10. Karina Reyes says

    thank u 💓

  11. Karina Reyes says

    thank u 💓

  12. s k says

    Very helpful, clear pronumciation and understandable in both languages, well done. Please upload more videos. Thank you

  13. Boris Scott says

    Thank you for these lessons. The pacing and clear deliberate pronunciation combined with text is most helpful.

  14. Tekimbirth Sangma says

    Thanks it's helpful.
    I am learning

  15. Rita Abreu Lima says

    Please upload more videos!! want to learn nepali and yours are very helpful.

  16. redfullpack says

    I had heard someone saying "la ddo mangiwala"
    what does it mean??

  17. Now stay Woke! says

    @Making Lives Better Foundation hello, will you posting anymore Learn Nepali videos soon?

  18. Lucky Kelooth says

    I want to learn nepali language

  19. MrAntoniolima2009 says

    please post some romantic words

  20. pinkgirl1171 says

    Will you keep making lesson videos??

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