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Learn Basic Computer Skills : Organizing Files in Microsoft Windows


Organizing files in Microsoft Windows is crucial when you want to find those files again, get a tutorial in this free video.

Expert: Ross Safronoff
Ross Safronoff of Awake Entertainment has a long history with and love for media creation, dance, electronics, software development and anything that fuses creativity with technology.
Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff

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  1. Larry Grace says

    thank you ! i learned a lot.

  2. Curtis1509 says

    @MrLink4ever Reinstal Winrar and make sure to not check all the file types to open winrar with.

  3. Adrian Alexander says

    More advanced users may prefer ditching folders and moving to a file-tagging utility like DiviFile (available at qnomad.com/divifile/ ).

  4. MrLink4ever says


  5. MrLink4ever says

    I changed all my files to start with Winrar , which file shall i use to get it back

  6. Jane Chu says

    What are context sensitive menus?!

  7. freezinghotter says

    How do you move something out of a folder?

  8. Steven Settlemyre says

    @K3YrnasT3R Even easier is use key combo "Windows Key" + E

  9. PeeteyP says

    There's a way to put tags on word documents, anybody know how?

  10. the classicks says

    2nd to comment

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