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League of Legends Music – Fed Ashe Song


I will not put any damn apple on my head!

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  1. elnumbrotres says

    Ashe is so broken haha

  2. WarriorChick88 says

    OMG I loooove it!! But what's the real name of the song? :c

  3. 4u57inc0v3110 says

    Pretty sure those 2 dislikes are from Sejuani and Lissandra.

  4. DeaD Or ALive says


  5. Vios says

    Katarina plz.

  6. Paolo Eusebio says

    mga putang ina nyo gago kau mga putang ina

  7. Stefan Radosevic says


  8. Vader Darth says

    Ashe is my first hero i love ashe

  9. Teresa lowe says

    Next time im fed and in a team fight i know what background music im gonna listen to

  10. Best Lux says

    Ashe is the true Queen of the Freljord.

  11. dimitrijleus says

    Ocean princess by two steps from hell

  12. Creatura QoZ says

    I like Ashe

  13. Dana Nguyen says

    ashe !!!

  14. GodOfThe Wolves says

    come on put the apple on your head i wont miss >:D

  15. Wibbidy Wobbidy says


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