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LAST MINUTE FIXES FOR ANY OCCASION || Easy Fashion Hacks And Tips by 123 GO!


Putting an outfit together may look easy, but it takes some serious problem solving!
And that’s when outside-of-the-box thinking comes in really handy!

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  1. XxMattplayzxX says

    Hi only one like 🙁

  2. VIGNESH K says

    Kevin if your wearing that bracelet now only you got the trick but in these days how did you put the bracelet

  3. Lisa Das says


  4. Lisa Das says


  5. lucy gitau says

    B RIN4

  6. Harry Potter Reading says

    the first one hurts us 12 year olds

  7. trust mandizvidza says

    Ty me too yu man

  8. Brielle Cabo says


  9. Josie Franco says

    who is your favorite

  10. Callyn Coleman says

    This is my favorite YouTube channel

  11. April Thomson says


  12. Emaan Farooq says


  13. Isabel Maria J I says

    I love this video and I am pretty to

  14. mara yee says

    U look dangin Bella

  15. mara yee says

    I would want to hear there real voices plzzzzzzzzzzzz cause I love 123 go!!!!???????

  16. mara yee says


  17. rosa turrubiartes says


  18. Suha Smarties says

    I. Iike. Vikki. She. Is. Petter. And. I. Iike. The. Video. It. Is. A. Good. Video

  19. Kallie Foster says

    Is that a Harry Potter sign on the wall when Kevin can't put his bracelet on

  20. yazhini kannan says

    How many of u guys think that Bella resembles Camila like the comment

  21. Mojji Ayoola says

    Mad ohhhhhhhhh

  22. Mojji Ayoola says

    Wow just wow

  23. Karuna Sharma says

    And i have subscribe your chanel so that i get all the notifications and i enjoy a lot

  24. Karuna Sharma says

    Bored in lockdown so what can we do i am from india i am 9 years old my name is siyona i love your all the videos and the lily and like all the members i love you ????

  25. Helenastlouis says

    7:22 I am the man (how shops like a girl)

  26. Helenastlouis says

    7:03 SINCE WHEN WAS HE TAB IN THE WAY???????????

  27. Helenastlouis says

    6:12 What does it do to the bruises

  28. Judy Vaati says


  29. Kitty Swirl C says

    The on with the zipper doesn't apply for me because I don't wear dresses and also I'm double-jointed so I can reach anywhere on my back ?

  30. Sxnny Rxses says

    I think the skirt/dress would’ve looked better if you put the first shirt over it

  31. Sarahi Lesure says

    Bella why did you do that with your shirt it does not look good put on a fancy dress ? it's better

  32. Luciana Schumaker says

    Tbh the blonde girl looks good in everything lol here’s my lookin like a hole double better biiiscut everyone says she looks gold in everything too

  33. Luciana Schumaker says

    If any of u wanna know the girls name who always talks behind all the hackes her name is sandy if u wanna know watch jorden matters vid that he made with his son his daughter and a girl named bella

  34. Gavin’s World says


  35. Gavin’s World says


  36. Sharrima Ahmed says

    ZA Baby I'm going to be a ???many

  37. tailor jones says

    H you don’t need a good friend to go home ? night I gotta was the night we had a great ??

  38. Sharrima Ahmed says

    And iwoabhs

  39. ewciksunflower says

    i love your life hacks u come up with

  40. Leena Raymond says

    Kevina ??????

  41. Chauhan Salim says

    Hi Bella

  42. Sas Sassa says

    Love u vids

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