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LAST BALL Thriller! | England v South Africa 2017 T20 Classic | England Cricket 2020


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Woah. What a game. Check out this unbelievable last over as England take on South Africa in an amazing IT20 series.

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  3. Douglas De Farias says

    Que merda de jogo

  4. Harvinder Saini says

    ECB wins. Suspense over????

  5. Samir says

    Miss deviler

  6. Theressa Mariz says

    Im watching this because of my indian boyfriend. I want know more about this game.

  7. Subhash Bairwa says

    Ye Roy run out Jada hota me big fan of Roy from india

  8. Rehan Bachhawat says

    Jason Roy was very unlucky

  9. Ganesh Muppidi88 says
  10. MANISH SHARMA 1NT18EC084 says

    The way they are hitting. Ohh god????????

  11. The BackBenchers says

    I have never seen sam billings scoring runs

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  14. Manne Arvind Mudhiraj says

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  15. Juna TV by Weera says
  16. GOVINDA A says

    Amazing abd !
    But 2017

  17. Christopher Sewell says

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  18. Christopher Sewell says

    U have not done that for me cricket

  19. Christopher Sewell says

    A cricket duck ball

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  21. Christopher Sewell says

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  23. Christopher Sewell says

    I have a cricket hat singned but all the South African players from 1995

  24. Christopher Sewell says

    Nice hat how much for it

  25. Jk Nawada says

    Iss game mein Morgan ne de Villiers ka catch liya & de Villiers ne Morgan ka catch liya

  26. Due Tre says

    Sto tutto fatto perché mi trovo qua non lo so boh che gioco mamma mia me scendono le palle alle ginocchia ma che state a fa se può sa pe tirateve a casa

  27. Najim Khan says


  28. Sourav Reddy says

    14.14 turning poiny

  29. Ashok Yaduwanshi says


  30. Green TV says

    5:14 Legendary short ????????.

  31. Cricket overloaded says

    Nice video

  32. Janmejaya Mallick says

    I like Jordan's gold chain ????????????

  33. Navid Ahmed says

    Who skip the whole video and watch only few last deliveries?

  34. samadhan patil says

    Jason ray not out

  35. wb5704 says

    this sport makes no sense

  36. shiva sai kumar says

    What is the song name at behind the match situation 4:45 , please tell me anyone that song name

  37. Kinnary Desai Nigotiya says

    I hate Phelekwayo

  38. Zia Ahmed says

    Does anyone notice
    That Liam livingstone was playing in England

  39. Justin Fracer says

    clair de lune

  40. Julia Evelyn Larsen says

    And people watch this?

  41. Tyler Boe says

    i have no fucking clue what going on

  42. Zulfiq Mushim says

    This y people love cricket

  43. Tohid Tohid says

    Sam billings is not good players

  44. Madhu V2050 Vaddadi says

    Wow what a great match from south africa and what a beauty from phelukwayo

  45. Sarukh Khan says


  46. Velmina Mathew says

    Indians and Pakistani please do not subscribe they are the one who have separated us

  47. Jogender Garcha says

    I love ban stokes and Jo's buttler

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