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#FamilyFoodShopping #Lidl #FoodHaul

A B O U T M E : My name is Lucy & I am a married mum of 4 from the UK (South West). I have a 6 year old, a 3 year old & baby twins! I share my love for all things motherhood, fashion, beauty, travel & lifestyle. I upload 2-3 times a week & daily over on instagram.

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  1. Emily Mintern says

    Ummmmm!?? How have I never thought of putting frubes in the freezer! Definitely trying that 😂🖤

  2. Not Just A Mom says

    Great one! lots of yummy food:)

  3. 94gegle says

    Love this!! I struggle to budget on a food shop. It’s only me and my boyfriend and we spend about the same you did for 6 of you!!! But we do get alcohol and lots of snacks that’s probably why 😭 thanks for uploading so often you inspire me so much

  4. Rachael Pugh says

    As if the girl's are weaning, where has that time gone x x x x

  5. Notconsumed88 says

    I really enjoy hearing what some of the food items are called in the UK. It's so interesting to me. Like at the beginning, you called the zucchinis and eggplant both other names, I don't even know what you said lol. I'm in the US in Atlanta. We actually just had a Lidl open up very close to us and I really enjoy shopping there. 😀

  6. Made Lovingly says

    I think skyr is pronounced ‘sk-ear’. Love the idea of the lettuce tacos. Does the aubergine taste of much? Would you film that recipe some time? X

  7. Dilan says

    Gosh, Lucy you look so beautiful 😍 I absolutely love watching your videos, it’s calming and I’m kind of learning about a new culture, too haha 😆 lots of love from Germany and have a beautiful day! Such a strong and sexyyyyy mama bear xxx

  8. Mila Mata says

    Vegetable layered "lasagna " it actually called Mousaka in Greece x x

  9. Stacey Proctor says

    Meal ideas for 7 month olds would be a good video … the frubes idea is great I’m deffo going to do that xx 🙂

  10. Nikki Jones says

    Would love to see some cooking on your channel lucy since it sounds like you make a lot of tasty food! Xxx

  11. Nikki Jones says

    OMG biscotti biscuits were a life saver for my twins! Even my older kids used to eat them! Xxx

  12. Rhianna Louise says

    Lidl now have an app for your phone which will give you discounts on certain items and they currently have £5 off a £25 shop! Its called Lidl Plus, should be on most app stores!

  13. Johanna Gallagher says

    Lovely haul x

  14. Lindsey super mum says

    I need this we are poor now ha ha thank you x

  15. Ivy C says

    Wow that's lots of food for the fam Lucy, but a good combo of both healthy and not so healthy. I'm glad on the not so healthy items that you did go with light options. Let us know how your aubergine lasagna turned out! Sending luv from Fort Worth, Texas!! 😊💜🙋 P.S. you look cute in that lilac top! It's a nice color on you!!

  16. Grace Diamond says

    I always seem to forget bits in our weekly shops too haha xxx

  17. Stacey’s World says

    I’m definitely doing my food shop at lidl this week! Love a bit of Lidl xx

  18. Lisa Webster says

    Nice food haul you bought for your family how lovely also you always look nice in what you wear

  19. Jenna Scott says

    This is brill. I have a 6 year old stepdaughter and nearly 7 month old twins. I need all the help I can get! You look amazing Lucy. Love you vlogs and the new family channel

  20. Annie Chapman says

    So much plastic packaging for the fruit and veggies!!! Wow

  21. Andrea Nittel says

    you can melt cheese triangles in a small pot with some milk/cream on low heat to make a cheese sauce for your lasagna as well…….just one of the layers…….

  22. Andrea Nittel says

    avocado is great for the girls too!

  23. Andrea Nittel says

    aubergine we call eggplant……courgettes are zucchini…..ice lollies are popsicles…lettuce boats are lettuce wraps……mature cheddar is old cheddar…..we have Coke sweetened with stevia now……..mince is ground beef, a joint is called a roast…..

  24. Margaret Bolton says

    yaou should try a Mousakka it is delicous

  25. Amy Rutherford-Close says

    Our grocery bill was huge for years with all 3 boys still growing up. We are also very tall people – so they ate a lot. My oldest 2 are grown. 6'6 tall and 6'4 tall.😁

  26. Dani J says


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