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(Before anyone comments I know you may have already seen the jumping in the sea, but my recording fucked up on the other forfeit I tried)

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  1. Othniel Kipalu says

    I love how no one comes by at the carpark and he has the whole thing to himself

  2. I dont know what to put here says

    does he still have the lambo

  3. Will G Freestyler says

    Why are u using tiny footballs

  4. Symecal 69 says


  5. Linda Ryan says

    when harrys a chelsea fan but uses an aresnal football

  6. Jake Pask says

    Who watches Adam b

  7. ابن العراق says


  8. The Wild Wolf says

    harry: ‘if i don’t get it in i still have to do the forfeit which is bullshit’ also harry: *gets it in twice and then decides himself that if he doesn’t get it in the next 5, he’ll do the forfeit

  9. Zeren says

    1 question why is that Ford so dusty

  10. SKRILL 10 says

    I think Harry wants to do the forfeit in the first challenge. 😂

  11. manu g says

    2020 gang

  12. Tom Shakespeare says

    This is where kick town came from haha

  13. Raafai Asim says

    Harry mate how did u get the second challenge in 10 tries if u have been doing that for hours lol


    If youtube had a feature that if u see the video again it would count as another view then all the sidemen vids would have crossed 1 billion views

  15. Daniel Moloney says

    Harry:I call this one the backheel
    proceeds to do a backheel
    Harry you're so creative

  16. ArsenalFromHK says

    This should’ve been called trickshot forfeit challenge

  17. Samuel Quijano El Cangrejo says


  18. Samuel Quijano El Cangrejo says

    Ice batk

  19. Abdullah Miakhail Year 9 says

    Forget that Like if you are watching this on Quarenteen

  20. Leonie Mayer says

    W2s. Cool

  21. Leonie Mayer says


  22. Hayoon Rahaf says

    مس نخخين ستحنست وسمت نسى نيمثو مسجس تسى تحتس
    نسنين ين

  23. Hayoon Rahaf says

    ترنسن تسمنسن نسم نسحتس جنتو،تهسهسح،سمننس،سنسس سننسنح. فهرن كوبت فهد

  24. Simon Davies says

    How is this in my recommended in 2020!!

  25. Alcatel Alcatel says

    You are crazy

  26. Asher Bhatti says

    Where my 2020 squad at?

  27. Xxcrazy UnicornXx says

    Clip was another one I watch that today

  28. scottyboy 127 says


  29. Nathz 11x says

    The first forfeit footage was from an earlier video. The FIFA 17 FUT Draft video before anyone else had the game.

  30. Rayan Kabachi says


  31. Xavier Nicholls says

    I’m watching in covid lockdown

  32. ImWood says


  33. Sophia Taylor says

    he just really wanted to do that forfeit didn’t he

  34. Orgest Toska says

    Im watching this in 2020

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