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KU Basketball Game – Rock Chalk Chant


The Rock Chalk Chant just before a Kansas Jayhawks Basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse, Lawrence, KS – 19 November 2004.

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  1. Lerone Williams says

    They do this at the end of the game when you're getting your ass whooped.

  2. Super Blah says

    That fucking "woo" in between the chants brings down the haunting silence that represents "The Phog".

  3. RubTheRock64 says

    Dumbest chant ever

  4. Roxanne Thorpe says

    RockChalkJHawkKU what does the chant at the end say?

  5. Roxanne Thorpe says

    @RockChalkJHawkKu what does the chant at the end say?

  6. CiG801 says

    That's the point of the chant. If people didn't cheer between each pause, it would add to the haunting effect this chant instills.

  7. Ox5f3759df says

    These chant is so surreal. It has to be almost spooky to be an opponent and hear this thing.

  8. jamie jones says

    I don't remember this chant giving a fuck about your comments on how it sucks, therefore, you neo nazis are deemed irrelevant

  9. Dorvell Stewart says

    NCAA Championship 2012 here we come!


  10. Kotecher says

    You'd have to know the story behind the chant. At least it's better than glory glory Man United and better than having a song played like YNWA.

  11. Pickle Tomb says

    take to woo's out and it would sound a lot more intimidating!

  12. Travis Kearney Spanish says

    Crush Purdue.

  13. Raioc Games says

    @DMERRITT7 Yes K-state is better than Ku if having a winning record against K-state. You have no NCAA Championships Ku has 5 Titles. We have been to more Final Fours and more Elite Eights. We have more NCAA tournament appearences than Kstate… More big 12 titles and season wins. Must i go on….

  14. Quinton Kolkman says

    This is a video about KU, I don't remember any neo-nazis in the crowd or on the court? haha

  15. alex9clutch says

    Americans are horrible at coming up with chants. How about a field trip to Europe?

  16. kuwinsitall says


    I'm German, too. You don't see me favoriting videos of Tiger Tanks and Rommel. You are probably a closet fascist with all the videos you have glorifying the military.

    ROCK CHALK. That chant means more than your life ever will.

  17. bijoukaiba says

    I'm actually a Florida Gator, so you know who I WANTED to win the Big Dance.

    However, this was the team I PICKED to win.

    And after this afternoon's very close match, I now want the Jayhawks to win since they were also my pick. Tell Futler can go buck themselves.

  18. kuwinsitall says


    Not as gay as a wannabe "Aryan" who trolls youtube looking fro other "Aryan" men to hook up with.

    What a strange, racist, gay subculture you belong to. You'd think that by being gay you wouldn't be racist, but there you go…..

  19. Outside Opinion says

    I prefer the dotting of the i at Ohio State

  20. TB Dark says

    @Ibetrolling247 who are you a fan of? another bandwagon dukie?

  21. ItsACaptainDan says

    Kind of reminds me of Monty Python.

  22. brian8556 says

    @HipHopHatesRap Before the game and if the game has a couple minutes and KU is up BIG and I mean BIG, the Rock Chalk chant comes for the rest of the game.

  23. HipHopHatesRap says

    Not hating on KU but eh, its an ok chant. Do they do this in game or just pregame?

  24. HipHopHatesRap says

    Not hatin on KU or anything but eh, its an ok chant. Do they do this in game or just pregame?

  25. beeVageKs says

    @jbwell24 Pretty bad… Still not as much as KSU got beat down by @ The Phog though.

  26. Scottie2Naughty says

    im a husker at heart. but KU has the best basket ball team ever. GO KU BASKETBALL!!!!

  27. beeVageKs says

    @DMERRITT7 Here are some facts
    1. KU did in fact go to the sweet 16 following losing all of our starters of a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP team.
    2. While losing to UNI was a huge disappointment, KU still ended the season with 2 trophies. The Big XII conference champion trophy, and the Big XII tournament championship trophy. That's 2 more than what KSU went home with.
    3. You bring up Bradley and Bucknell. Tell me, what was KSU doing at the time? Oh yeah, they weren't even invited to the party.

  28. DMERRITT7 says

    @begley9 srry but ku didnt get any trophies losing to northern iowa bucknell and bradley. YOU ppl r just dumb. try to make it 2 tha sweet 16 without 7 players going to the nba

  29. Art Bagels says

    @DMERRITT7 do you get a trophy for an elite 8? you guys are just dumb

  30. DMERRITT7 says

    @begley9 2 bad kstate is better than ku. 1 team made it 2 da second round. 1 team made it 2 da elite 8

  31. Art Bagels says

    @Dexfan90 bahaha you guys have horrid attendance before 2007. People didn't go. Just like in football when you guys couldn't give tickets away. KSU fans are the biggest joke/bandwagon fans in the country. Ku hasn't been that good in football yet we still get 45,000 up

  32. Dexfan90 says

    @begley9 exactly, you just proved my point. you have a shit load of supposed fans because you team is considered good. what shows the quality of the fans is how many there are when your team isn't the best. like how it's been for K-State.

  33. Dexfan90 says

    10% alumni, 90% BANDWAGONERS!!!!!!!!!!! they would have zero fans if they weren't considered good. look at the last NCAA tournament. they go down in the second round and half of their fans turn their back on them. that doesn't look like supporting your team, does it?

  34. Art Bagels says

    @Dexfan90 That's why we've sold out like every game in the 2000's… Yeah, KSU sells out when Kansas comes to town because of the KANSAS FANS

  35. Art Bagels says

    @TexasRaTleSnake316 You really have no idea what it's like. Allen Field House has the best atmosphere in the sport. The video really doesn't do justice to how loud and how nuts it really is in there. Also with the alma mater, go to a game and you'll understand.

  36. Toby Moody says

    Which is why AFH is full every game, but KState only fills the building for KU, Texas, or Missouri.

  37. Dexfan90 says

    90 percent of KU's fans are bandwagoners. K-State, for the most part, has real fans that support them no matter what.

  38. James Lane says

    I miss old school Allen Field House.

  39. bigboi0750 says

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU

  40. AckLikeYaKnowMe says

    I hear KU but what else are they saying?

  41. allpeeps4me says

    does anyone else find this to be kinda lame sounding??? like something that wouldnt really pump up any player whatsoever … it sounds like a big catholic church

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