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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Are ‘Considering Divorce,’ Source Says


A source tells ET that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who tied the knot in 2014, are considering a divorce. This comes after the rapper made some controversial comments at his political rally in South Carolina over the weekend, and claimed in a since-deleted tweet that he has considered divorce.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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  1. Josh F says

    Kim doesn’t divorce Kanye out of pity for him, otherwise she would have been gone a long time ago. She has 4 children with the man and I don’t think she could see herself dumping him which will most certainly exacerbate his mental health issues.

    If she’s afraid Kanye would harm himself during his episodes, what do you think she believes would happen in a divorce where she leaves and takes the kids? Kanye lost his mother, which he blames himself for and never recovered from that. How devastating do you think it would be for him if Kim goes with the kids?

  2. DaBratt says

    Dump him Kim

  3. Dorothy Guyton says

    https://youtu.be/UTpG_7D4mug intervention time. Bipolar. Medication

  4. Eliyev ND says

    Arvadıvı yığışdır Kanye

  5. Galicias Gone says


  6. pdp says

    Are we getting A New First Lady…
    How about a new song then….

  7. Duhsaka DSOUL says

    Kanye West is rude and Heartless i still remember what you did in 2009 VMA , are you even a human being, even if someone shot him because they hate Kanye West it would not be a surprise cause you know why

  8. toly A says

    First of all he shouldnt have marry a person that got famous with a sextape. Its is normal that he is expecting that north would not do the same,he is a father and i feel sorry for him. But before mariage u need to think who u r marying and dont look like a sick person after. Life in a mariage is not about 2 days. I know he loved Kim,but, life is much more than be horny or to feel alittle love for someone.

  9. Sboro Coppin says


  10. Matthew Hodge says

    Next year she will be with Meek Mills

  11. Kixxy says

    What's a Kardashian? Last I heard , it's an Armenian exercise bike and jungle gym for black dudes to play on .. !
    KIM KHLOE AND KOURTNEY <– mmm KKK 😉 It's all just silly! The media plays and spins everything … whether its positive or negative or just plain LIES .. I guess publicity is publicity … I , personally, I don't think Kanye is insane .. maybe he's a different thinker and a funny runner at times… .. but that doesn't make him insane .. gnome sayin' ?

  12. Ghost 670 says

    Evil Lady

  13. Eric Keegan says

    American women don’t waste time in pressing that divorce button

  14. Evon Williams says

    Boy oh boy

  15. Mike The Dancer says

    This is In God s Hands ??

  16. Marlene Ferguson says

    Kanye needs help. Legally, nobody can force him unless he's a danger to himself or others. As a retired family counselor, I dealt with this situation several times. Very sad.

  17. Christopher Afowowe says

    Sincerely, I believe and hopeful, Kanye West marriage and family will be saved.

  18. Christopher Afowowe says

    Praying for Kanye's healing and stability.

  19. Christopher Afowowe says

    I pray the marriage be saved.

  20. Marisa Dinkob says

    I feel sorry for their children who born in their family!! Why good couple could not have children, then God give these sick people a chance to have so many children who don’t fit to be parents! May God have mercy on their innocent kids

  21. Malik Seven says

    Kim hit the wall

  22. gina guarnieri says

    My prayer for North and her father is that they survive this gossip debacle, his mental health issues and the lack of our world's response. Kanye adores his daughter North.

  23. gina guarnieri says

    I am so sorry this family has to go through international attention on such private, personal matters. We need to keep them in our prayers. Mental health, even in 2020, is deemed controversial and unfortunately open to back fire from the public. I hope and pray during these perilous times that we have compassion.

  24. Ash says

    The first time In their entire lives together where they were forced to live marraige like normal people, their considering divorce.
    They didn't live real life marraige. Like the rest of us. They couldn't handle months of spending time together, like normal people have done with their kids for years. With no nannies, chefs, house maids, personal assistants, assistance for their assistance, multiple homes to get away to, no money worries at all. The best of vacations, whenever they wanted…… smh

  25. anass elghouali says

    toujours sur les toph kani derrière kim

  26. imanii moore says

    They got married because Kim was prego

  27. egonw7 says

    Praying for them

  28. Baby Pudge says

    They SHOULD get him to doc!

  29. lily and murphy says

    These fame and fortune seeking sisters should take a lesson from Angelina Jolie and exercise some adult parental responsibility for the sake of their families.

  30. It’s Me says

    Dear GOD why so many sick people in my world I livin it?!?!?

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