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KIM JONG UN vs COVID PATIENT | Amazing Shadow Fight 2 Mod


The concept here is not to offend any part of people in the world,
This is just made for entertainment.

Why Kim Jong Un?
-He has taken decision of mercilessly killing any person infected with Corona Virus.

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. Kroniko mk11 says

    Your videos are shorter yet Continuous incredible

  2. Kroniko mk11 says

    HAHAHAHAHAA This would be better in real life

  3. Gaming Max says

    Nice broo keep ot up doing good

  4. Zalim Gamer says


  5. Shadow Gaming says

    Bro can you make tutorial how to make magic shadow fight 2 plss??

  6. Virender Kaur says

    He is funny…

  7. Raji Praba says

    Nice video plese try to send next video covid patient vs godzilla

  8. Alex Anna says

    please mod bro!!! v 2.5.2

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