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Khúc ngẫu hứng ẩm thực Việt cùng Sonny Side


Khúc ngẫu hứng ẩm thực Việt cùng Sonny Side

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  1. Rammus Bot says

    Sonny Tuyệt Nhỉ 😀

  2. Dragoon The Bit Beast says

    Love BEFRS! The girl is cute does anyone have her social media?

  3. noemi carrion says

    Great interview. I love watching his videos.

  4. Thang Nguyen says

    Một cô MC rất rất đáng yêu :chuyên nghiệp và có duyên nữa,tôi luôn thích xem chương trình cô dẫn .

  5. minh nguyen says

    Thanks sonny

  6. Harold Vodkata says

    The host speaks better English than my kids that were born here in the States. J/K. She definitely a lot better than I am. Great show. Thanks

  7. Patrick M says

    Omg, she is cute, speaks perfect English, love her already!

  8. Rhina Clemente wow says

    Hello.sonny.I always watching ur video I was so happy to see u in different country and I feel I was there also one of each of ur journey …thank you for visiting my country Philippines..home u can come again. Coz there are a lot of places here lots of history hope you can visit the place of Ilocandias Ilocano .in Ilocos province. God bless Sonny.

  9. QD BODISAVA says

    Sonny…..u seriously should cooperate with Thuy Duong for your future works! Besides her perfect English articulation, she adds that extra warm and charming element to your shows! Can t wait to see more of u both!

  10. Jerry Giddens says

    I love this show and this young lady.

  11. Ms Shen says

    Great interview!

  12. Jessi&Jenni B.S says

    I love your videos it so nice quality and professional

  13. Triyhel Uzumaki says

    This is so cool

  14. theketoverfamily says

    This was amazing!!!! Thank you!!!

  15. RONI says

    Hello… Interviewer & Interviewee – I was captured by info you shared with us. You not only made this vid relatable to everyone whether food, entertainment, behind the scenes, history of countries, etc. is our goal but also within EVERYONE'S reach! Glad I stopped to watch this cuz learning while smiling is as unique as you are Sonny! Thnx! Hope 2c U both in other vids✌&?

  16. Cảnh Tín Nguyễn says

    Thanks a lots ❤❤❤❤

  17. huggleskuishy says

    I've watched all of Sonny's videos about Vietnam and I can't wait to visit!!!

  18. Nilsa Rivera says

    I want to make my own cooking show on YouTube, tips,i want people to learn more about my cultures

  19. Thuy Dao says

    I feel ashamed of myself because obviously Sonny know more about my original country than I do   🙂

  20. nam tran says

    Thực sự tình yêu của mình cho chị Thùy Dương vẫn không kết thúc mặc dù chị đã đi lấy chồng….

    Ôi nụ cười ấy <3 <3 <3

  21. AwesomeFish12 says

    I'm a big fan of his show. I love his sense of humour and the camera work is amazing, but the producer/location scout is the real star of the show. unfortunately Sonny puts too much food into his mouth at once. He needs to take smaller bites.

  22. Anthony Richards says

    Bro that's dope congratulations on getting featured really good interview

  23. mike angelo says

    Chị ấy xinh wa:))

  24. tonsterdang says

    wow cute host, speaks English very well (id say fluent) probably the best ive heard for a Vietnamese native

  25. Da Pooh says

    Sonny….She speaks perfect English and most of your guides also speak English very well with little accent. Are they local? How do they speak so well, even better than the Vietnamese who are living in USA for years.

  26. Ron L says

    Keep up the good work…

  27. van Trinh nguyen says

    Sonny thấy được cái đẹp nhất của Việt Nam : đó là sự đa dạng ! – Thật ngạc nhiên, điều này không phải người Việt Nam nào cũng ý thức được để mà tự hào!. Đúng vậy, nếu tình theo diện tích, một đất nước rộng chỉ hơm 329.000 km2 thì Việt Nam là nước phong phú đa dạng nhất, cả về khí hậu (nóng, lạnh, mưa, nắng, thậm chí cả tuyết), địa hình, phong cảnh (núi, biển, sông hồ, cao nguyên, đồng bằng…), , các dân tộc (từ gốc ngàn xưa chứ không khải mới di cư đến) với các truyền thống văn hóa phong phú, động thực vật đa dạng nhất, và tất nhiên cả ẩm thực cũng đa dạng nhất – và đó là cái đẹp của Việt Nam mà không nơi nào có được

  28. Amanda Gallaghet says

    Your an amazing vlogger Sonny. You deserve only but the best. I'm from NZ and I want to move to Saigon because of all of your food reviews.

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