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Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in historic controversial finish | NBC Sports


Find out the winner of the 145th Kentucky Derby after a historic controversial finish! #NBCSports #KentuckyDerby #KentuckyDerby2019
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Kentucky Derby 2019 (FULL RACE) ends in controversial finish | NBC Sports

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  1. Bernadette Way says

    Still disagree. Maximum Security won

  2. Randy Swanson says

    War of will can’t run str8

  3. whitney coleman says


  4. Stazia Kibera says

    Sinister cause presents sequoia blues on YouTube

  5. John M says

    As doped as Max Security probably was, it must have been 'roid rage.

  6. Patrick Duncan Jr. says

    He still won the Saudi Cup with Mucho Gusto screwing with him down the stretch. Maximum Security should have never been taken down at Kentucky Derby!

  7. Rain says

    They treat the horses badly 🙁 my friends that are horses feel bad

  8. Meghan Everett says

    I remember wanting asking my dad if a horse ever got disqualified. Then later. I find out the horse got disqualified. ??

  9. Janet Draws says

    Is it safe to gallop on wet dirt?

  10. TayK says

    I never knew how popular my state is sheesh ?


    Prat is trash

  12. Andrew Nelis says

    Quite a messy finish there jockeying for the right position and final drive

  13. Katielinlin videos says

    The one horse struck maximum security three times before his jockey pulled him up

  14. Zane Ahmad says

    Had the tri if the 7 stayed up well, I was gutted when he didn’t !

  15. ishei says

    I don't see why that shouldn't be allowed

  16. Dan Mar says

    Jockey of war of will is IDIOT.

  17. Dan Mar says

    Of course none, he leads by one length.

  18. Dan Mar says

    Unintentional come out at the path but where's the major contact nothing???????

  19. Dan Mar says

    A very badtrack , wet , muddy track but maximum security do his best as a group leader won by the two lengths

  20. Marcus Vasquez says

    Wow. Sad

  21. Ba Whatever says

    ? has a mind of its own

  22. Ba Whatever says

    That's ? racing

  23. Rabia Mariam Samra says

    This is also gambling

  24. Jeff Snell says

    Lot of Leeway should be given to these Horses in this race…it is the "Kentucky Derby"…"20" Horses…"Wet" track…Max did bump into War of Will but it was not BLATANT…Only looked Blatant because of how WIDE Max carried himself out…War of Will was NEVER gonna Win and Max was obviously NEVER gonna Lose…."Rules are Rules" is just a lame excuse in this particular situation….This was not some 10k claiming race at Thisteldowns

  25. hani badji says

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  26. Sirdarain Lambert says

    They need to make a game for this

  27. David Janowski says

    Rules are rules, and Max bolted. He impeded about 3 horses. It's a shame, but that's the way it goes.

  28. Ariel caesar says

    Lol winner …???

  29. Colin Haynes says

    2019: First ever contention in Triple Crown history. Probably the wierdest thing to happen for the sport.

    2020: Hold my beer.

  30. Collin Wall says

    Had me interested in horse racing

  31. 1Lifeonearth says

    that's really irresponsible to risk the horse's lives making them sprint on those sloppy conditions. Should have postponed the race.

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