Keith Urban and Alan Cumming’s Youthful Fashion Regrets – The Graham Norton Show

The case of the disappearing trousers.

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    In particolare, un profondo livello di immersione crea i presupposti per soluzioni concettuali autosufficienti e dipendenti dall'esterno. D'altra parte, l'implementazione degli obiettivi pianificati è un interessante esperimento per verificare ulteriori direzioni di sviluppo.Per il mondo moderno, il confine della formazione del personale presuppone modi indipendenti di attuare forme di influenza. Va notato che l'innalzamento del livello di coscienza civica richiede un'analisi delle decisioni concettuali autosufficienti e dipendenti dall'esterno.💕



  2. As a joke, my late uncle went in a lovely legs competition back in the 1970s. They had a lineup of women and you could only see from the top of the thigh down because the curtain was pulled down to there. He shaved his legs and put on stilettos like the other women did, and won the competition.

  3. first let me preface this saying that I kind of like a man with a few lines on his face. 😉
    Kidman has had work but Urban has had a lot more work done than I thought. He was almost unrecognizable to me on The Graham Norton show but when they showed his old-old photo you can really tell. He is much better looking but now his skin is too tight.

  4. Cute….lol ….. I saw a man at costco full decked out in a gorgeous outfit, short skirt, net stockings, high heels, wig, the full thing, he was beautiful, my sister didn't notice him until I said wtf, look at this, he has better legs than I ever will have, lucky bitch.. lmao

  5. Alan Cummings doesn’t need them to show him in some weird old shot. He’s doing enough weirdness himself right now. Those glasses! What was he thinking?

  6. 🌸 …..A lot of men have bits of their body that women desire, like slim hips, long eyelashes
    And some women think all men have better things that they have, than them……..that’s not true
    I have seen a lot of naked men, so I know!…………… Okay I didn’t see that coming 😳

  7. Hahaha, funny vodeo, but, am i the only one who gets this weird feeling about Nicole Kidman? Like she is fony or something. Like she is acting all the time. I don't know, she gives me the creeps a little.

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