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Kardashian Sisters Talk Kourtney QUITTING 'Keeping Up' (Exclusive)


ET sat down with Kim and sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian to talk their new KKW Fragrance collab, where they also addressed what the future holds for ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ if Kourtney leaves the show. KKW Fragrance, The Diamond Collection, launches Nov. 8, while ‘KUWTK’ airs Sundays on E!

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  1. Mihle Mqatazana says

    Kim and Khloe are just mean people who do not support their sister unless its going to benefit them financially because like Rob left and there wasn't a big fuss now Kourtney is leaving the show and they cannot stand it like what kind of weird shit is this I mean what about Kendall and Kylie they are family and are supposedly part of the show but you hardly see their lives but when Kourtney decides to not shoot it's a big problem like they should let her live her life

  2. ahana Roy choudhuri says

    I could feel kourtney was getting a little bit cornered by the way khloe and kim were showing the attitude of we'll be fine without you boo!! I think you should respect somebody else's different choices and decisions and it doesn't have to always match with what you like

  3. irene mac says

    Kim's face I'd like to punch

  4. Karen Santiago says

    I don't like how shady they are with kourtney she obviously has some emotional type issues and there's nothing wrong with that… And i will miss her☝❤

  5. Tracie Natalie says

    Kim Chloe sold there damn soul they are fine with a scripted show full of lies and fake scenarios passed off as real. ( most of us are not that dumb ) kourtney still has a heart in her chest, they used the father of her kids creating drama because Scott and Kourt were the only tiny slice of reality. Screw them, go be a good mom kourtney don't let those fake toxic family members bring you down!!

  6. Tracie Natalie says

    Run Kourtney, you and your kid's deserve better. Your sad and mad because I think you realize how badly they used the father of your children. You have a heart, Nothing to be ashamed of. Your a good mom you don't need this fake family BS dragging you down.

  7. Jose H borba says

    I love kourtney she put up with Scott probably the only man kourtney had who knows,all scott did was get drunk a hammerd evertime and party all the time kourtney seems to be home most of the time back then taking care Mason, her first child ,and has to put up with her sisters, actually kourtney and Scott give the show excitement the other sister to much of drama queens.she should walk off the show many years ago, thank you, stay save people.

  8. Kefilwe Matome says

    Kourt is basically too smart to play these games..her kids are growin n sh needs to be a role model..🤎🤍🤣🥂

  9. Kefilwe Matome says

    People come people go? Wow!

  10. Luna says

    Look at Khlo and Kim faces, tryin there best
    Kim smells like Kaka 😂

  11. Read This Comment says

    The moment she said NOT FOR ME 😂😂😂

  12. Read This Comment says

    Kourtney starting to look like kim and kim is starting to look like somebody else!!

  13. MsSAlbright says

    Tram Kourtney all the way. 💯

  14. Li-Anne H says

    I hate the fact that khloe and kim are like “we love and will miss kourtney” but they wanted to fire kourtney and we’re so mean to her cause they didn’t respect the boundaries off kourtney like wtf

  15. LisaHollywood LA says

    Gross. Smell

  16. LisaHollywood LA says

    They are gross and we keep giving them money.

  17. Svnnh Bnana says

    Does she hear herself like literally every mother in the world works and is there for their children if only we could all just decide to stop working. The look on Kim’s face says it all

  18. Nhat Ha Pham says

    kim: kourtney goes, :(((((((
    kim's head: yeah yeah lalalalal this is my dream yay

  19. Day Dreamer1171 says

    Kims the least interesting to look at

  20. Queen Bloody Mary says


  21. Dario Puig says

    Kourtney is the prettiest!

  22. Margaret Miller says

    Kim will definitely not miss Kourtney lol

  23. Michael Sanchez says

    These people are literally ruining humanity. Stop putting them on television, for God's sake

  24. Queen Bloody Mary says

    I am Kim..she’s my mood.

  25. MsT_X Xulu says

    Kim was right, Khloe is an ugly troll

  26. Liz OG says

    Nobody cares!! She’s always so miserable and rude! Those kids need her to be around more so they don’t scratch up any more nanny’s .

  27. Salimah Abd Rahman says

    Kardashians are actually ugly and not that beautiful. They need to undergo some serious cosmetic surgery and lots of make up. I mean, look at the heir children. They are ugly.

  28. Julie Frazier says

    I rather use kourtney's perfume than Kim and khloe

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