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Kane Williamson: On Top of the World | Cricket Tuesday Reaction


Kane Williamson is the triple captain for NZ and has been said to us to be an amazing cricketer. We’ve heard so much about him that we needed to do this reaction.

Happy Cricket Tuesday!

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  1. forsinain49 says

    To answer your question about T20, he's not the biggest six hitter around, especially when most of these clips are from. But he worked out ways to still score quickly enough for T20. And recently the big hitting has become a bigger part of his game as well. To the point where he captained Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL in 2018 and 2019, and in 2018 he was the highest run scorer of the tournament (which was also the second highest in ANY IPL tournament)

  2. constitutionalist citizenry says

    Guys for the last time for the love of CRICKET on this gods green earth … Thumb rule
    Test = In white uniform
    One day and T20 international = In colour uniform of there nation

  3. Harshit Shukla says

    but 1 of the best videos so far

  4. Harshit Shukla says

    music was too loud.

  5. says

    Virat Kohli is much better than Williamson but Steve Smith is the best Batsman in the World.

  6. Kenshin Himura says

    Whatever anyone says wc 2019 finals was one hell of a match. Though I was so sad that India didn't win. I mean India was at the time, arguably the best team with the best overall performance but they sucked at the semi final. I wish Yuvraj was on the squad.

  7. ginger toast says

    i don't think someone could sweep shot a yorker.

  8. switchingchannels says

    NZ were robbed because the umpires counted the return run and added to the Ben Stokes ricochet boundary but the rules state that they shouldn't have counted that second run because the batsmen hadn't completed it at the time the throw at the stumps left the fielder's hand. That gave England the run they needed to tie the scores after 50 overs where NZ should have won by one run.

  9. sourav bhaduri says

    You saw the World Cup 2019 final. The silliest of margins to decide the winner. It felt unjust, but it was within the law.

    I'm writing this after a year but back then I was seething..

    Then I see an official walk up to Kane Williamson and tell him that he was adjudged the player of the tournament. His reaction to that was – who? Me?!

    I mean, can you remain bitter after that?

  10. Adnan Mujtaba says

    You guys should react to Babar Azam, especially since Pakistan are next up to play England in test series

  11. Phaniraj Srinivas Ch says

    He plays for my favorite team in IPL Sunrises Hyderabad (SRH)

  12. vaibhav kumar says

    Make video on sachin's sarjah inning

  13. Liberal Lads says

    World Test Championship Points Table 2019-21


  14. Rabbi Alam says

    reaction on virat kholi batting………………

  15. Phaniraj Srinivas Ch says

    To me, he is the best batsman to watch, in this era.. So beautiful and perfect in every shot he plays..

  16. Tauqeer qureshi says

    Please watch tribute to sehwag.

  17. Wild Eye says

    FWIW Kane Williamson is ranked higher than Root as a Test Batsman, Root above Williamson in ODI. Both are in the current Top 10 in both. Williamson doesn't make the top 10 in T20, Root doesn't play T20 (he could, just about, but England have got many good aggressive batsman better suited to T20 than Root).

    Edit – Root is still in the top 40 T20 batsmen despite not playing for 14 months at that level. Roots best T20 ranking is good enough to be Top 5 today.

    Edit 2 – Williamson has 29 test wickets… one ahead of spinner Root!

  18. Muhammad Abbas says

    he is great player but the video was boring..
    please react to shahid afridi test hundereds against india

  19. Wild Eye says

    When fielding you have to weigh up trying to get the run out by getting the ball to the stumps ASAP, and making sure that there aren't overthrows because you've thrown it too hard to too inaccurately.

    NZ were VERY unlucky for it to come off the bat, but it happened because the fielder was (probably correctly in the hat of the moment, but in-advisedly as it turned out) trying to get the run out rather than taking more care.

    As for the "most boundaries" rule – arguably silly, but it was in place at the start and is there to encourage aggression.

  20. Nidheesh Kumar says

    If someone hates Williamson u can place them in mental asylum without further medical tests

  21. Anand Bakshi says

    Yes NZ were at the bad end of the deal.. But in my eyes that doesn't take away the fact that Eng deserved it

  22. othniel Lyngdoh says

    React to australian vs south africa oneday match south africa chase down 400plus … it's a greatest oneday match of all time ….

  23. A Billiôn Dreâms says

    Hey guys plz react to King Kohli! He's the best player in th modern cricket.? Thanks for th reaction.

  24. Dominic Ray says

    Williamson is better than Root in my opinion, but Kohli is better than both in all the formats, YOU NEED TO DO MORE VIDEOS ON KOHLI

  25. Adnan Saeed says

    Fun fact: Williamson and Kohli are of the same batch. Played and captaied their nation in U19 2007 WC. So many players of that batch made it big Guptill, Southee, Jadeja.

  26. Kirubha KARAN says

    Kohli and Williamson captained their respective under – 19 teams in 2008 U- 19 worldcup semis.. They met again as captains for senior team in 2019 worldcup semi finals.

  27. Sagar Arya says

    He is true gentleman. Smiling always

  28. Nadean Simmons says

    The underarm incident was another rule that was changed straight after. Once again NZ was shafted

  29. Harish Kiran says

    He is a rare thorough gentleman today playing gentleman's game!

  30. Varun Mohan says

    The bat hitting Stokes' bat wasnt's the only controversial call, the umpire should've gave 5 runs, not 6. So in a sense, NZ should've won before going to the super over.

  31. Today's Cricket says

    India Vs Australia
    Plz Watch and support Friends..

  32. D N says

    Most reaction channels talk after watching the video. Boring Reviews…. we just continue from the last time we left off. I do miss those comments that mention the timings when reaction starts. Kane Williamson also captains SRH (Sunrises Hyderabad) in IPL. Next Cricket Tuesday you should definitely react to Brendan McCullam's fielding …another Kiwi …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dFxXkHkWhI

    P.S. Reaction starts at 7.27 😛

  33. ProgPiglet says

    His technique sets him apart from everyone else, it's just so pure. Gabe was 100% correct, he plays the ball so late, with perfect wrists, timing, control. This is why he doesn't get out to edges as much as other batsmen, because his hands are so soft and angle is played so late that the ball goes to ground before the slip cordon. And also what makes him great is the ability to maneuver the ball in gaps with minimal risk taking, which completely reverses pressure in test cricket; arguably the most valuable commodity behind wickets and runs. He's at least the 3rd best test batsman, with Labushagne, Pujara and Root all on his heels, which is saying something.

  34. Akir Jahir Mallick says

    Can you react to Kohli vs Michael Johnson?

  35. Craig Euler says

    Hey Nick & Gabe hope you are well. Great reaction! Hey I thought you might like to react to this video. Being an Aussie cricket fan I think this will help you guys understand the rivalry between Aus & Eng. https://youtu.be/vSJTFmJ_Y9U

    Cool video about the history of the Ashes.

  36. Ishaan Agarwal says

    React on Steve Smith. This guy is always fun to watch

  37. Hand Solo says

    Great reaction, as always. I don't know if anyone else has mentioned it, but there is a video on youtube of Adam Gilchrist batting at Lords with a Go-Pro. It gives a very good view of what a batsman sees when Bret Lee is steaming in. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5s2vcZB-ok&t=193s

  38. Nikhil Pal says

    React to virat kohli's first century in england 2018 test match highlights.

  39. Sayan Acharjee says

    You can't even hate this guy even if he is hammering your team, he is that humble.

  40. Eamonn Sheahan says

    Hey guys check out one of the most infamous moments in cricket history between AUS and NZL back in 1981 – "Underarm the ball that changed cricket' (documentary)

  41. Eamonn Sheahan says

    With regards to the 2019 CWC Final and the rebound from Stokes bat, there was a controversial error make by the umpires when ruling 6 runs to ENG. and Stokes back strike, an advantage to ENG. The second run shouldn't have been counted because the ball was released from the fielders hand before the 2 batsmen crossed each other in attempting the run. Therefore only 5 runs should've been awarded and the other less capable batsman on strike instead, making it 4 runs from 2 balls, not to say that they would have won or lost, but the advantage would have been with NZL. Hope that clears up what the controversy was about regarding the rebound.

  42. ultra instinct says

    Great video guys, please do a reaction to Jacque kallis one of the greatest all-rounders of all time

  43. Eamonn Sheahan says

    Hi Gabe and Nick, another great reaction video of a GREAT batsman and Captain, a man who is a true example of what a gentleman of the game really is. Conducts himself and his team with fairness and respect towards all opposition and is universally loved for it by fans all over the cricket world.

  44. Mavrick says

    Now that you have reacted to Kane, it’s time to react to the King! Virat Kohli https://youtu.be/lvtEVsiwbZw

  45. constitutionalist citizenry says

    Finally a great video to react to must have given you whole new perseceptive of the game nd technique to play drives/ grounder shots using the velocity of the ball nd guide nd place in to gaps nd make these filders chase tht ball till it hit the boundary which is even more frustrating for the fielders but we all love it no matter who plays it your team or the opponents team same with great delieveries doesn't matter who bowls your team mate or the opponents bowler same with the great fielding effort…. cheers …great vdieo selection guys ..loved the discussion….????

  46. Sup Meyisi says

    It was controversial because the umpire awarded 6runs instead of 5 runs. Stokes did not make it back across the line before the ball hit the bat so only 5 runs should have been awarded not 6. New Zealand should have won by 1 run.

  47. Nikhil krishnan says

    Currently he is probably the only cricketer who is liked by everyone. Just like his batting style he looks well balanced and dependable.

  48. Abhishek parmar says

    Kohli, williamson, root and Smith are considered the best players of these generation. They battle each other for number one spot on ICC rankings across all formats.

  49. Kuldeep Singh says

    Williamson is undoubtedly the second best batsman in the world after Virat Kohli in all formats but after some time he is going to be the third best bcz now Rohit Sharma may take over him in test also bcz in odi and t20 Rohit is the most incredible batsman only format which troubled him is test format

  50. Abey Laale says

    Gabe I agree rule was a little freak and it was known beforehand so it's a fair deal England won.

    World cup's are brutal ?

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