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July 2020 Goldwing Navigation Update with Android Auto | 2018+ Honda Goldwing | CruisemansGarage.com


I install and review the July 2020 Navigation Update for the 2018-2020 Honda Goldwing with Android Auto.





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  1. William Flottman says

    Help! I have tried 5 different USB’s and still can’t get my 2018 Goldwing DCT Tour to recognize the thumb drive. I’m at wits end here. Downloading from PC computer and I haven’t had this problem in the past with uploading updates. Sure, had to try 2 or 3 times but now it’s not going at all. I’m tired of buying brand new SAN Disk USB’s. What can I do?????

  2. Jürgen Niklaus says

    hi! Is that working in Germany too?

  3. Lance says

    I have mine set to use satellite view for a realistic view of my surroundings. The route is blue and all other roads are black

  4. Frank Ward says

    Update went smooth and easy with my bike. I was surprised that I didn't need to pair up my Sena 20S Evo headsets again after the update…with all the other updates I needed to pair the headsets after, but not this time…update is worth it and the Navi is better than before.

  5. Hammer Night Wolf says

    To me popped out something else…
    Different variants are not aloved to download. And then just YES….After that nothing is going on. Goldwing Tour automatic dct air bag model 2019.

  6. Michael Ruff says

    Ok, is it just me?.. I did the "update" …We need to have the phone plugged in at all times & my cardos connected for Android Auto to function??? What year is this?? This seems like a step backwards! I honestly see no advantage over just using my phone on my Ram X mount & bluetooth my music to the Goldwing… Come on Honda its 2020. Does anyone else agree?

  7. Bob says

    Finished up with the new Honda update which took about one hour. All went as smooth as silk, from the download to the USB to the install. Noted ion the final footnotes in the information section of the actual update screen the whole program is done by a German software engineer. Did not know that.

  8. Peter Tantillo says

    Has the navigation improved or is it still sub par for an expensive bike? I can get larger side saddle bags and I can ride in eco mode for the improved ?? gas mileage.

  9. John Friend says

    Cruiseman, another great walk-through. I had a few hiccups, all of which coming back inside and checking your video solved. I also am not a fan of the "mandatory headset" to get it to work, but hey at least it's an improvement over no Android support.
    I do have a quick question for you, what cable are you using to connect your phone? My cable on my S10 makes it too long to fit in the compartment. I'm thinking I'll need about a 1 foot cable with a 90 at the USB-C connector.

  10. scbikerdude says

    Had a hard time,getting it to see my phone. Still cant get to that round button to see all the apps

  11. Michael Labanowski says

    I downloaded the software update (swdl.iso (8,710,482 KB)) and copied it to a NTFS formatted USB thumb drive. I then installed it on my 2020 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT. The software update took a bit more than 35 minutes. The software version on the my 2020 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT was HG.ACM. and the July 2020 software update installed version HG.ACM. I downloaded the Honda GW NaviUpdate – PC – July 2020.pdf and GL1800_Software_Update_and_Instructions_July_2020.pdf. The installation was successful, however, all the favorites, radio and XM stations and previous addresses are lost. The Bluetooth phone connection and all Bluetooth headsets were also removed with the software upgrade. That drives me crazy! Only Honda… So far, everything works OK, but I have noticed various other little enhancements or tweeks, like my sound seems stronger and my volume levels need to be less…

  12. Ricky Earp says

    Why the gimcracks and gee-gaws on a motorcycle? You need to keep your eyes on the ROAD, not some video game toy. I have a navigation system on my '84 VF1000F Honda Interceptor. It's called a ROAD MAP inside my tank bag. (Remember them???) I've never seen a motorcycle with a 300 mile fuel range. If I can't remember where I'm going for 3-4 hours, I shouldn't be on the road in ANY vehicle. Hey, the World is round, I'll get there! I ain't takin no friggin cell phone calls on a bike neither!

  13. Ruud Hoogendoorn says

    I did mine (EU-version) last week, took me 40 minutes for the update, but then getting AA to work was a bit more difficult because my headset ran out of power.
    As a tip: make sure your phone AND your headset are connected, otherwise it won't work.
    I'm curious to know which other apps will be used. I would like to have my TomTom working, but I understand that Google does not allow any other navigation-apps in Android Auto, which is a bit pittyfull, in my opinion.

  14. Omar Omar says

    I am from Iraq. I want to work with you. How can I contact you?

  15. Vernon Geiger says

    Got it all updated, but couldn't get the screen to load up with the Auto Play windows. However, audio was streaming through the speakers, so I knew I was close. Reading Don Smith's comments, I found I had the phone loaded to the bike first, BUT my Sena was paired to the "passanger headset", messing up the loop. After I moved the Sena to the "rider" position, and I connected my Android to power, the instruction windows popped up. Big learning curve. So far so good. Here is a question: When I unplugged my phone the android went off, so that means you have to have it plugged in at all times you want to use the system?. If so, I'm going to have to install a saddlebag USB port. Thanks for the instructions, Chris. Many of us would have been lost without this tutorial.

  16. Allen Chevalley says

    The Honda navigation is terrible! I’ve tried several times to put in a simple address and when I try to spell out a street name it brings up suggestions and non of them are right and that’s as far as you can get! Very frustrating! So I use my iPhone for navigation and it works great!

  17. Stephen Smith says

    Very cool!

  18. terry mathews says

    I wish they would just go back to Garmin and end this drama

  19. Ali alhashem says

    Thank You……..

  20. garyn234 says

    Hey … there's a button on the honda page labeled "how to use the update". It downloads a 'manual' on the new update features.

  21. Joe Am says

    Do you have to have a headset paired and on to use android auto? I did not see you mention that?

  22. Steve Dunn says

    I wish they would remove the need for a headset to use CarPlay or android auto.

  23. Manny Carvalho says

    Well the update went fine and things seem to be working. However, when riding the GW reboots occasionally. Very odd. Anybody else seen this? I may have to reinstall the update and try again

  24. John Bettua says

    Thanks, installing now.

  25. Glenn Thorne says

    Is your headset connected to the bike or phone?

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