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Japan Dried Persimmon Processing – Amazing Asia Agriculture Fruit Harvesting


Dried fruit doesn’t sound like anything special, but the magic of Japanese hoshigaki is in the method. While Americans tend to eat Hachiya persimmons fresh, Laureance Hauben of Penryn Orchard in California says, Japanese persimmon lovers reserve the best for drying. The result?

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  1. Sri radityo Wahyu dhono says

    Precision and quality …as usual Made in Japan

  2. Dexter Razbor says

    Terrible bored music

  3. zahra aisyah says

    Untuk yang di Indonesia bisa main ke Instagram @happyhealthylife.id jual manisan kesemek kering / dried persimmon , sejak tahun 1830

  4. 葉芝芝 says


  5. MUBARİZ999 ALİYİV666 says


  6. Zafar Sadikov says

    Great job, but it's not tasty. sorry.

  7. Leon Salas Burgermeister says

    They look so fucking cuteeeee 🥺🥺

  8. Zekeriya Akyıldız says

    There is a type of persimmon which has some black spots inside. It is called Chocolate Persimmon , it taste like chocolate. Also this fruit grown in my country too.

  9. OFFICE SPACE says

    Great Japan Star ……..

  10. Хурылын Багинова says


  11. Руслан Леурдо says

    Сушеную не ел некогда. Попробовать куплю киллограма два пожалуй.

  12. 君、面白い says

    second part are Korean

  13. Sukanya's World says
  14. Катерина Коркова says

    Оооооо… Какие идеальные плоды. Даже мурашки по коже 😳

  15. Gail Dunn says

    Japanese are awesome a little weird but awesome!

  16. Wenny Puspita Octavia says

    Kesemek di indo bedakan. Lah itu mulus beut yak

  17. Gazimag M says

    В Азербайджане тоже шикарная сушёная хурма бывает Мммм

  18. Волна Волна says

    Не пробовала никогда, сушеную хурму

  19. Paradise Nature says

    Its delicious when ripe but when its raw you can't eat all

  20. mukesh S negi says

    What kind of polish they used plz name that?

  21. macaron # says

    Hey! I'm Japanese.
    I have some questions for korean.
    1:In korea,persimmon is cultivated?
    2:When do you eat persimmons?
    On a daily basis?Traditional events?
    I would appreciate it if you could reply.

  22. Татьяна Загальская says

    Японцы кушают дельфинов! Японцы возобновили убой китов! А вы – "сушёная хурма!!??" Японцы скушали всего голубого тунца в океане фьючерсами! А вы – "сушёная хурма!?"

  23. Pho Ther Guardians says

    Anyone after Sekiro???

  24. Wagita Jaiman says

    Aamae sukidesu

  25. saldi supriadi says

    Processing like sale pisang (indonesia, banana)or dates

  26. saldi supriadi says

    Jika di Indonesia kesemek diberikan kapur agar cepat matang buahnya.. biasa disebut buah cantik karena diberi bedak seperti perempuan saja

  27. Sur Q says


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