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Jadon Sancho on✅ Jadon Sancho will make a transfer request


Jadon Sancho on✅ Jadon Sancho will make a transfer request

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  1. oggy jack says

    Why did you change the intro? Previous intro was better!!

  2. debboo69 says

    This muppet mentioning Berba and Sancho in the same discussion

  3. Mr Mitchell says

    Basically this source didn't have the sauce🤭

  4. bri c says

    Didn’t Southampton do the same thing with VVD when Liverpool were trying to buy him. This is a tactic big clubs do. Unsettle players then buy him the next transfer season. Madrid did it with ronaldo, barca did it with coutinho and suarez, Liverpool did it with VVD, PSG did it with neymar.

  5. Kenny Shrimpton says

    Unpopular theory: United don't sign Sancho, Dortmund don't budge from their price due to being financially stable even with the virus (courtesy of Dembele and they also sold Julian Weigl in the winter for 20 million) and Woodward works his magic to fuck it up like he usually does, Sancho will stay at Dortmund one more year after coming to an agreement with the management/board with the promise of being sold next summer after the Euro Competition. England win said Euros and Sancho hops on a plane to Barcelona while Ole is out of a job after getting knocked out of the group stages of the champions league and then finishing 7th in the league with 66 points for the third time in a row

  6. Jimmy Knizzle says

    Why would Sancho push the deal 😂 he can sit and get 50 assists for Haaland this year and then have about 5 elite clubs fighting over him next summer.

  7. Andrew Lawrie says

    As a Chelsea fan I fell kinda guilty that we are exploiting the corona situation to get lots of players for cheaper… and that we have so more money than everyone else

  8. Chigz says

    Manchester Utd are a rubbish mid table team, they have gone bankrupt from what Ive been told by someone at Carrington and this is 100% facts not a lie, Utd will need to sell the entire squad and rebuild.

  9. Oliver Heaney says

    This dick Harris has been all over the internet saying he will leave .. united have not put in a bid so there is no way anyone can put in a transfer request

  10. Shelton Dalphinis says

    Don't believe the hype! Just wait and see, every day it's a new story about the player, it's getting on my last nerve man.

  11. Robert Lawler says

    But ya missed ya deadline I don’t think they will do business with you now for what ever reason

  12. Robert Lawler says

    Terry I told you mate this deal is a non starter he wants to go to Liverpool an keep dreaming about him putting in a transfer request it’s not happening you dragged your feet an missed a great opportunity hear mate you really have

  13. Brian Mcgrady says

    Welcome Jadon sancho to liverpool 2021

  14. Nate Carter says

    This is the banter channel now I’m done. 😂😂😂 You can’t bring on a bigger mug than you to justify your nonsense.

  15. Balti Pie says

    So he “thinks” he’ll put in a transfer request, what a prat

  16. Juhel Hoque says

    Daniel you are clueless mate.

  17. Joe McGall says

    This transfer is a bore and a joke

  18. Reiss Sato says

    A watched pot never boils

  19. Pushkar Rai says

    Sancho….not gonna happen….sorry….if you want him pay the amount don't fuss around….

  20. Tony Hawk says

    Lol I will laugh if you dont get Sancho

  21. Rhys Evans says

    "Yeah he probably maybe will put in a transfer request"…Based on nothing at all that has been said by anyone. This journalist is also a united fan so is hoping that he signs, how is this news 🤨

  22. Tony Hawk says

    Today is deadline day for Sancho !!

  23. Shehzad Janbocus says

    no sancho this summer

  24. Vinny Jones says

    Nah stop click baiting this isn’t happening now stop forcing it

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