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Jackie Chan Lifestyle ★ 2018


Jackie Chan Income Private Jet,Cars, Houses,Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth
Lifestyle and Net Worth 2018
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  1. Kristin Elliott says


    ඇඳුමට ඉහළින් ඔහු සාමාන්‍යයෙන් ගැජට්තෑගි සහ සාක්කු සහිත ගිලට් එකක් පැළඳ සිටියේය

  2. Abdull Jabbar says

    I like Jackie best actor and I like the instrument song.. What title this song… Pls.. Answer thanks

  3. 허식 says

    He dont use stunt man he do hi iwn stunt

  4. Corey Booth says


    හරි හරි හරී හරි කමක් නැහැ මම යනවාඔහු පැවසුවේමගේ අදහස ඉදිරිපත් කිරීමට අවස්ථාවක් ලැබීමට පෙර මට බාධා කිරීම ඔහු කවුන්ටරය වෙතට ගියේය

  5. Xuân Quang Đồng says

    Với thế giới cũng vẫn chỉ là chơi vui. Mà đã là chơi vui thì làm gì có định nghĩa chuyện ở đây. Tao chả biết điểm là cái gì hùng à. ☺️


    Jackie is very good ???✨

  7. HIDDEN HACkS says

    https://youtu.be/YydXjRPE_QA visit it and #Then subscribe it

  8. May Soe says

    JACKIE is my idol ?

  9. hossein abedin says


  10. Jacqueline Villanueva says

    what ever you had right now that is a reward from your hardwork im proud of you

  11. Mohammad Hidayat says

    Mybe best career to you sir in the city now. ?

  12. ShiniGami AD says

    JC has houses not house..clearly u havent researched enough, i watched his own documentary once, in which he describes why he has different places in different countries and cities.

  13. Diana Sanchez says

    He deserve all of that.. I Love JC. ?????

  14. Nikos Gee says

    Having like billions of dollars then behaving like a normal guy living next door to me that's what I love about this man

  15. Cung Thawng says

    guy don't worry people who think Jackie Chan is die.. no he is not die guy i promise i am not joking. also just call me chung and people call me Jackie Chung

  16. Diana Nsiimenta says

    He's rich, down to earth, funny & above all he can maintain a relationship in that crazy world. My HERO??????

  17. gathay gathay says

    WOW O M G

  18. Craigs architecture and video says

    Jackie complains about America but then lives here?

  19. Streetwise Tal says

    O, well,
    I have a gold fish
    It a clever fish
    Doesn't get thirsty…!!

  20. Bharathi Nagarajan says

    Jackie Chan my all time favourite… love you Jackie…

  21. González Cruz says

    Casi no tiene nada ?

  22. Cenacle of Thinkers says

    My favorite actor …

  23. Anshifa Ann says

    I love this man❤❤❤❤❤

  24. Surya Surya says

    Super hero☺

  25. adomunas12 says

    My dream is to meet jackie chan

  26. Burabod Tv says

    Please subscribe my YouTube channel thanks

  27. Navy Polic says

    no subaru mitsu evo /bad

  28. 164 Khithie says

    I like so much jack.you are my favorite actor

  29. Gor Simonyan says

    It’s boring to be rich but jecke Chan good artist respect

  30. Lebon Paulette says

    please share with poor people

  31. Nouraden Abdirahman elmi says

    Jack janise much are intestinding move koRktaling and talting

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