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Jack Doesn't Let His Size Get In the Way of Playing Soccer | Our Little Family


Jack is quite the soccer star who is as determined as anyone to get the ball and score a goal!

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  1. Dylan Delevingne says


  2. David Gray says

    Family is very cute

  3. Qynesha Riley says

    He is so cute

  4. Sean Gove` says

    He is good for his age to be fair

  5. Sean Gove` says

    Get away sucka

  6. Juan Bautista says

    whos watching 2020

  7. Kwhite Winter says

    rip, this makes me feel Like I suck at soccer, Played for 4 years, never made a goal, LOL

  8. Cherrie Lively says

    bro he is amazing at the game for his age and size

  9. cassiopeia says

    i like that the other kids slow down sometimes to give him a more equal chance since his legs are shorter and don’t really have as much power

  10. Joel Williams says

    He's the next messi

  11. Fizzy Reee says

    I hate playing against small people I have to loose to them because I don’t wanna push them or hurt them in england are team are all rivals to each other and we just push each other other and tackle the ball one time stuck my leg out and tripped one of the players in my team when. We were training and every one was like woah woah that is just to far

  12. H1._.scootz says

    why is he on a girls soccer team

  13. Hunter Hess says

    Is mess the football player

  14. leonard martin says

    He Is Mo Salah Jr

  15. Arun Shan says

    Kid Messi so cute what he say

  16. Aston theprankster says

    Jack is so bad at soccer

  17. Zaira Khan says

    Just because he is small does not mean that he can’t play and just because he is small does not mean u could bully him
    He is unique and different

  18. Different Message says


  19. heydah says

    I’m not gonna lie I bet Jack is gonna be successful when he grows up.

  20. Reasonably Warm Beans says

    He said I can kick the ball into space nobody in the world can do that LOL??????

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