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*JA MORANT KABOOM!* 10 Box/Pack Basketball Mixer – NOIR, OPTIC CHOICE, PRIZM, & MORE (25 Spots)


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Names and their assigned teams:
Jason Williams – New Orleans Pelicans
Ilya Kletselman – Detroit Pistons
Paul Hensley – Memphis Grizzlies
Nick Yokoyama – Miami Heat
Oliver Zhao – Denver Nuggets
Fuquan Lian – Milwaukee Bucks
JONATHAN GARZA – Clippers/Magic
David Vassilatos – Los Angeles Lakers
Keith Hargraves – Trail Blazers/Rockets
Tik Ho Chan – Chicago Bulls
Joe Scibetta – Thunder/Jazz
David Mun – Atlanta Hawks
David Sloan – Philadelphia 76ers
Sean Lee – Phoenix Suns
Michael Tolson – San Antonio Spurs
Nicholas Parenti – Pacers/Raptors
Michael Cordova – Boston Celtics
christaphor boghossian – Charlotte Hornets
Erwin Bulan – New York Knicks
Aaron Dodson – Cleveland Cavaliers
Zain Siddique – Kings/Nets
Wesley Ashcroft batty – Dallas Mavericks
Mayur Patel – Minnesota Timberwolves
Brian Vo – Washington Wizards
Ben Hochstein – Golden State Warriors

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  1. Christopher Tomaskovic says

    I’ll be joining a break soon

  2. Thy CJ says

    do you do the breaks live on youtube?

  3. Sean Harper says

    How much for the Mike Bibby Auto?

  4. shorty 25 says

    Hello pack man! I love your vids

  5. Jason Flynn says

    Are you going to be interested in buying Chronicles retail? I seen on ebay where the blasters are pre-sales are at 150 a box.

  6. Anthony Golesorkhi says

    How do I get on that list?? I'm new to all this and love your channel!!

  7. Jason Flynn says

    I was wondering how much a spot cost in your breaks. Round about.

  8. Jackson Yip says

    What do you do with all the base cards

  9. CORF says

    50:57 for the ?

  10. RL says

    how come all your shop is all out of stock?

  11. Liam Tamlyn says

    That Chris Paul joke was so out of pocket ??

  12. Andrew de la Cruz says

    Jonathan Isaac went off today!!

  13. AndrewM says

    Where do you buy your cards from?

  14. B Hansen says


  15. Maximillian Glanzer says

    Nice break!

  16. Jacob Simpson says

    Nice pulls keep up the good work!!!

  17. HippoDuck Bros says

    Hi, I’m late! I would have been in the stream! 🙁

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