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Its the College Football Playoff, but its in Madden 20


Its the College Football Playoff but its in Madden 20

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Its the College Football Playoff but its in Madden 20 – Oklahoma Sooners vs. LSU Tigers and Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Clemson Tigers

Welcome to my Madden NFL 20 Experiment Gameplay walkthrough / playthrough series. In my Madden 20 Experiment series, we will be testing numerous things within the game throughout the year, seeing what crazy results and crazy things we will find within Madden 20 and its franchise mode. Today, we see Its the College Football Playoff but its in Madden 20 – Oklahoma Sooners vs. LSU Tigers and Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Clemson Tigers

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  1. RBT says

    playing dirty santa tonight and my president is a corn on the cob

  2. Aiden Hull says


  3. Clint Cannady says

    I wish they would put. The Sunbelt teams in Madden 20. App state ect how can I get the mod

  4. Eamon Leary says


  5. Colin Oesterle says

    Ur stadium knowledge makes me cry

  6. Patrick Lenihan says

    im a tigeer fan

  7. Random Steelers Fan says

    Real life LSU vs Oklahoma 63 – 28

  8. TaKeisha Carter says

    LSU won

  9. TaKeisha Carter says


  10. Jason Gentile says

    How is Oklahoma number 6 seed make the playoffs it’s only 1seed and 2 seed and 3 seed and 4 seed

  11. Desmond McDonough says


  12. Joseph Spacagna says

    Once again Clemson gets a crappy penalty to win the game

  13. John Lukas says

    The ball wouldn’t have been on the 12 yard line from a pass interference in college

  14. Kabe Blake says

    3:02 slot number 2 J.Ross John Ross

  15. Beast NE says

    If you’re watching this in 2020🔽

  16. T&M Bassin Moon says

    Oklahoma would’ve got blown out by Clemson

  17. Red4Fred says

    anyone watching after LSU destroyed oklahoma?

  18. Carter Harmsen says

    What mod is this asking for a friend

  19. x Kyriie- says

    8:19 That is Dallas Cowboys Stadium my guy.

  20. Sara Lynn says

    This is wrong

  21. supermeme plays says

    whos watchin this after lsu deystroyed oklahoma and then came back and beat clemson

  22. Tropixzツ says

    whos the intro

  23. Jaybreunna Young says

    I want this on ps4

  24. Tim Ruby says

    The last game was insane

  25. Greenlander says


  26. Noah Galaxy says

    Does this get u banned

  27. TT WhiteBoi says

    Looking at Oklahoma beating LSU in Madden, when in real life LSU won 63 to 20 something

  28. JERET KELLER says

    Lsu is probably going to win the national championship

  29. You_Got_mossed_by_Tae_who 13 says


  30. Connor Hoadley says

    “Did I say the f word!!???”
    – RBT 2019

  31. Holly Mckleroy says

    Clemson and osu clemson

  32. forvsj says

    I used to hate Ohio State so much. They were in a trash conference and still made the playoffs. But then this year with Justin fields happened and I have gained so much respect for Ohio State and I've always loved Clemson since deshaun Watson

  33. Julios mom Guzman says

    Anybody here after LSU scored 63 on ou like if you are

  34. Krystal Scrivens says

    This is crazy

  35. Braiden Miniard says


  36. Suzanne Adam says

    LSU v Clemson in real life

  37. Concious says

    The game was last night and the LSU Oklahoma was way wrong

  38. DillyDilly71 says

    When LSU blows out Oklahoma irl

  39. Masquire says

    this is the oppostiee of everythig

  40. • aiden wachsmuth• says

    the real game was 63-28 lsu hahahahha

  41. ET Famouz says

    Country accent gave my ears cancer

  42. Kaden Schmidt says

    Ohio state vs LSU

  43. taco BS says

    Lol RBT not skinny anymore.

  44. Adrian says

    How did u so that

  45. bcrou says

    there is now way olkahoma holds LSU to 20 points

  46. bcrou says

    I love the ncaa music in the background

  47. Dad Dy says

    LSU is taking the dub

  48. Aaron Mf Parker says

    LSU or Oklahoma is winning it all🤷🏽‍♂️

  49. Camryn Hankins says

    Can u make a video how to play the college on madden 20 on ps4

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