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ITN News At Ten Open 1985


News at Ten Open from 1985
from tv-Ark
Copyright 1985 ITN and Granada

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  1. jane1975 says

    It’s funny but an excerpt of this tune was used in the video game Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time for their news outlet on Ratchets ship radio. Insomniac Games must of got permission to use it.

  2. Steven Wiltshire says

    It's news at ten best news program ever

  3. Javier Gomez says

    This is from 1986, not 1985

  4. F I F T E Y says

    omg this is so gay

  5. Hālian says

    @CrispyPork ADCEPTION

  6. CrispyPork says

    Strange. I;m just watching District 9. In the commercial break was the ord Fusion ad which rips off the theme tune to News at Ten, so i searched this which had a random report on troubles in South Africa, like District 9.

  7. tombaker1222 says

    @mikeypezza Actually, all ethnic minorities grouped together only make up 7.9% of the UKs overall population. Source: Office for National Statistics.

  8. Lance Decena says

    @yaumatei1994 bridge of london..

  9. mikeypezza says

    now minority is unaceptable because the whites are the minority

  10. stephend says

    Ooo – what was that about the bow of the Titanic?!

  11. TheDustpile says

    Newer news: Labour's lax morality has helped standards crash through the floor. Just look around you.

    But people are truly waking up, not with just a little help from the Web.


  12. lom888 says

    In SA "coloured" refers to a distinct ethnic group who use the term to refer to themselves. It's not the same as in, say, the American context where "colored" means black.

  13. halogen123 says

    oh my god….i thought even in 1985 it was unacceptable to say "coloured" in that context! how times have changed

  14. Ed Pentney says

    Tower 42, originally built as the NatWest Tower

  15. Mike Davies says


  16. Majikfish says

    Ah yes the Coloured areas, those pesky Crayola crayons were always causing conflict, going outside the lines etc.

  17. karatebuff says

    Why the hell is the music so dam Dramatic it's just the news what the hell are they trying to do frighten everyone jeus

  18. prontford says

    They mean Liverpool City Council. Google 'Derek Hatton'; by 1985, it was a long-running saga.

  19. Steven McBrien says

    "Coloured areas"? LOL

  20. kev113113 says

    truckerboy is right and it is 2 minutes past ten. The clip is not PC either. Can you guess where it is now deemed to be wrong?

  21. Georgiahulse says

    Because it's not in London, it doesn't matter. That's what nearly all Britain's news companies think because most are southern-based southern-bias and don't give a shit about the 80% of the population who don't live in London.

  22. truckerboy93 says

    news at two minutes past ten l.o.l

  23. MidlandNinja says

    Same theme 23 years on more or less

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