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Italian Street Food | Street Food in Italy ? Sicily, Parmesan Cheese


Italian Street Food | Street Food in Italy ? Sicily

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  1. China imports exports Electronics says

    How about cholesterol level.. is it healthy?

  2. Hattori Ganzo says

    Questo è vero mangiare Italiano.
    No le imitazioni fanno in giro per il mondo che pensando di fare cibo italiano, ma in verità fanno solo immondizia.

  3. Carmine Ivan Pagano says

    New York style??? MA VAFFANCULO!!!! ?⬜?

  4. Joe says

    After the cow vagina video YouTube recommended I had to click on this for some normalcy. ?

  5. Alex Egorov says

    Тяп-ляп…голыми руками…сука,Европа.Как раньше-то не вымерли?

  6. Chris Widney says

    Looks awesome

  7. Littlefrancy Dici says

    Bordieri ❤️

  8. Taty Taty says

    Colesterolo va alle stelle però è molto buono ?

  9. César Toledo says

    Esse sanduíche é o melhor

  10. Daniel Rivera says

    Delicioso y sanó

  11. Alto Hater says

    Lo de meter la pasta en el queso lo encuentro una marranada .

  12. Alfred Cennedy says

    Where is his gloves?

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  14. EddY O'Cane says

    Che schifo la preparazione.La pasta poi con il formaggio grana e diossina fa venire nausea solo a vederla.

  15. Nishu Thakkar says

    Heartattack enters chat @ 6:42 ???

  16. Claudia Pontonio says

    Una bella grattata di parmigiano su quegli spaghetti ci sta

  17. Nick Georgiou says

    The more he talks to the people the more cheese he adds. I’m like let’s have a conversation about life.

  18. Fedele del Castello says

    parmigiano is Italian cheese no parmesan.

  19. Sejastian Andres says

    Veanlo en 0,75 para la velocidad real

  20. f4350 says

    Where are all the 'wear gloves and unhygenic' comments?

  21. Nath Bubb says

    God helps the person who will eat the sandwich

  22. 김리 says

    첫번째 할아버지 샌드위치 하나 만드는데 한오백년 걸리네.. 그리고 좀 지저분해보인다

  23. Christian Hofstaetter says

    Streetfood is so honest and truthful….all of the 5 star restaurants should write this wonderful art of work into their books….Thank you.

  24. Gianvito Labbate says

    Vaiiiii cucina italiana x tutta la VITA, ottimo panino ??❤

  25. Trinity Johnson says

    The cheese was everything. If only I wasn't vegan

  26. Nstrawberry says

    Aveee que delícia.. da p/comer com os olhos de tão bonito ?

  27. Lady Z says

    Hi, does anyone know the name/type of sandwich the dude made? it would be very much appreciated loll

  28. Eddie Harper says

    Didnt realize it was sped up and though that guy was going to fast with his knife lol.

  29. Priyanshi Drawing Academy says

    Nice food

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