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Is the OnePlus Nord REALLY better than the Pixel 4a?


Here is the OnePlus Nord vs the Pixel 4a.
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Is the Pixel 4a’s user experience enough to beat out the mighty spec’d OnePlus Nord? Find out in our head to head of the two devices.

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  1. Basshunter DotA says

    One plus is chinese don't buy it.

  2. viswa teja says

    I don't want to use small display phones

  3. ayush gangwar says

    I want a phone that last longer for like 5 years which one should I buy Nord or pixel 4a

  4. Md. Tasneem Firdaus says

    I need that course for free. 🙁

  5. Rage 9one says

    Yeah the nord has better specs but that front camera is too large for my taste.

  6. Jupiter Rebong says

    4a here in Philippines

  7. Aman KC says

    No doubt everyone comes to the camera for a smartphone. Thats why pixel is undoubtedly the best one.

  8. Mimoe says

    Tint issues

  9. Mimoe says

    If only pixel4a came with 765

  10. Lavapop says

    I haven't seen this channel mention the new Samsung Z fold 2

  11. Bilal Shaikh says

    i know im late but does any of these phone support Dex or MHL through TV

  12. ᜇᜊᜒᜇ᜔ says

    Even if i prefer Google Phone , because its Google 😁

  13. Matteo Tito says

    Can u link that japanese wallpaper pls?

  14. WandererOfWorlds0 says

    After using that 90 Hz display, I don't want to go back.

  15. Devanshu Kathrecha says

    Horrible video, you just say experience is better than specs, but you don't actually quantify or clarify it. Only the camera is better on the Pixel, but it doesn't even have a wide angle. Display is a bit better, although smaller. There is literally no other upside to the Pixel.

  16. Yash Chauhan says

    if pixel 4a launches in India at 30k or below, i will highly recommend it.

  17. Kishan Kumar says

    Ok, here is the tie breaker

    1+ Nord
    * 90Hz display
    * 12 GB + 256 GB

    Pixel 4@
    * 60Hz yet awesome real display
    📷 Camera ♥️
    Made by Google

    Decide now and choose your favour

  18. S P.S. says

    but oxygen os is moving away from stock android and making it one ui

  19. Prashant Kumar says

    Biased review towards pixel 4a

    How can pixel is better overall package then OnePlus nord when
    1. One plus has better build (glass body)
    2. One plus has faster charging (warp charg)
    3. One Plus has better performance (sd 765g)
    4. One plus has better battery
    5. One plus has better display (amoled + 90hz)
    6. Software experience is very much comparable as Oxygen OS is just like pixel experience with more customisation.

    Pixel 4A is undoubtedly better in camera and there is no denying that.

    Other than that I don't think it beats one plus nord in any category.

    Battery is comparable only because one plus nord has more powerful processor + bug display + 90hz refresh rate, but at the same it has faster charging.

    Pixel 4A is only for those who want only better camera otherwise one plus nord is almost ahead in every other department.

  20. Piyush Vyas says

    World bank:

    Google: 1$=1£

  21. Ashike says

    I'll pick the 4a everytime

  22. Ashutosh Rai says

    Does pixel 4a support dual sim?

  23. piyush paliwal says

    1:17 love your keyboard!!! Which one is it?

  24. Jishnu says

    If oxygen os 11 gonna come like the beta oneplus may lose its crown on software

  25. Sugeesh S says

    Which has better panel in terms of saturation and sharpness?

  26. Prince Naveed says

    Guys which one should i buy nord or pixel??

  27. Ridoy Jaykar says

    Google win

  28. lian shoute says

    This time I prefer the pixel. They finally fixed the design flaw. I don't mind the plastic back or a bit slower processor.

  29. Anime Harmonics says

    Needed this

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